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In the case of Golden Dawn, the focal point was certainly the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. This was the fact that dissolved the illusions, shocked, awakened, persuaded, sensitized, mobilized. After that, there were no more excuses. In the case of November 17, the corresponding point could be the death of Thanos Axarlian. It was not. The murderous action of the organization continued for another eight years, with the tolerance, if not the approval, of a part of the society. The attack against Dimitris Bourantonis, with the inconceivable photo that accompanied it, must be the decisive threshold beyond which no one has the right to be silent, to make excuses or to turn his head elsewhere. And this concerns all of us. First of all, the government, which had to be dismissed in this way by a rector in order to decide to come out of its popular bliss and announce measures in advance. The danger is that these measures will remain inactive – this will not be the first time, Greece is the country where because the existing laws are not implemented, new ones are passed. The perpetrators of this heinous act must be arrested and, if the proclamation helps in this direction, let us swallow it as well. But that is not enough. “Until here!” should not be left to the words. The same goes for the university community. They did not need a photograph that referred to Nazi practices or the Cultural Revolution in order for teachers and educators to realize their responsibilities in combating lawlessness. For years now, teachers have been threatened, harassed, “built”, ridiculed, humiliated. For years now, universities have been tolerating activities that have nothing to do with the free flow of ideas. Many were afraid to react. Others did not care. Others deeply agreed. Until the shock came. But the big bet is always played in society. We have been arguing on social media these days about whether the bullying against the professor was fascist, Stalinist or jihadist. We read the announcement of SYRIZA that places him in the arsenal of the Far Right, as if that of the Far Left is full of red carnations. But the performance of the correct characterizations is not enough either. Here, in some way – police investigation, journalistic reporting, psychoanalysis – the route through which the perpetrators reached this act must be revealed in detail. How they grew up, who they socialized with, what school they went to, what they studied, how they spend their day, what they read, what movies they like, how they see the future, if they have any second thoughts – I almost regret writing – about what they did. It is unfair for Bourantonis, it is tragically unfair, but his torture can help us understand a little better the degree of pathogenesis of this society. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in the

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