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Last Monday, the last day before the temporary suspension of the performances in Attica, Alexis Tsipras and his partner Betty Baziana decided to go to the theater. And they did very well, always useful contact of politicians (and professors of the Polytechnic) with Art. Of course, he made sure to immortalize his presence (in “Poreia” and in “This is not Romeo & Juliet” with Argyris Pantazaras and Elli Triggou) with a photo, after the end of the show, with the two protagonists. Goes to the fact that always (I mean since he became prime minister) Mr. Tsipras wants his presence to be recorded in a theatrical space. Even when he was welcomed at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation (in “Obinda” where the late George Kotanidis played Nikos Zachariadis) but, fortunately, the photos have no sound. It also does very well. The vast majority of first-class politicians go to the theater to be photographed with the protagonists and the director, which is why they are invited. Few people go to a show discreetly or out of premiere. I do not know if Mr. Tsipras went to the theater before being elected prime minister, except for performances of “friends”, his own or the party. Personally, I do not have this impression but I may wrong him. Maybe he was going incognito, he could have built a secret, underground passage and from the schools where he occupied as president of the 15 members, he was directly in the square of Amore or the Theater on Cyclades Street. that he posted the photo in question on his personal social media account with a long text that begins with a critique of the show, a comparable exhibition of B ‘Gymnasium. In other words, the photograph (hence his presence in “Poreia”) seems to have been the occasion for him to write (to be written?) What follows the critique. So let’s go through them. Hypocrisy and hypocrisy I am impressed that Mr. Tsipras, since he needed the theater so much, since it is his “oxygen” as we understand from the text of his post, did not go after his partner ( which, as I learn, also has piggy banks in the theatrical space) in some performance during these three weeks that the halls were open. To be photographed with the actors, to show, wearing surgical masks, that the theaters are covid free “areas”, to help the industry that suffers wildly, to make its theatrical criticism since it has such a guile that it became prime minister and not Vassos Varicas. To applaud him first and foremost for doing politics through example and through his physical presence. But Mr. Tsipras chose to go on the last day before they closed. So that a phrase in his text that speaks of hypocrites and hypocrites looks more like self-criticism. Elli, to an apple The former prime minister adopted, in his post, the slogans of (some) artists against the government. Not the essential demands of the industry. He “went down” on the sidewalks of the demonstrations, did not propose, or even ask for, solutions. In other words, he did what he knows how to do best, what he did when he ruled. Since he cares so much about the theater, let him ask a friend of the actor or director to tell him that even the smartest finding, when repeated over and over, “burns”. Last but not least, when only two actors play in a play and you are photographed together you, mention the name of both. In the text of Alexis Tsipras, Elli Triggou simply does not exist. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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