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SYRIZA is betting on disaster. For days, he has been doing it in such a shameful and overt way that you wonder if their policy is the product of cynical planning or if it comes out spontaneously and unconsciously, because that’s what they know how to do and nothing else. Honestly, I can not say which of the two weighs more on the descent of the official opposition. First, you see them struggling to politicize science, questioning the objectivity of the group of infectiologists advising the government. They even submitted an amendment to the Parliament (overdue…), requesting the publication of the council’s minutes, because this, they say, “will provide greater publicity and dissemination to the public of the findings, scientific documentation and opinions of scientists, while contributes to the clear depiction of the independence of the scientific body “. Nonsense! The exact opposite would happen: the publication would put the scientific dialogue under indirect political control. Scientific positions would be judged by anyone irrelevant based on what he likes. Scientists would inevitably take this into account, as a result of which they feel pressured to adapt their positions to what is popular and enjoyable. It would be, in a way, as if the council meetings were being televised. The personalized attacks, which are mainly directed against Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, are also relevant. It is not only the high popularity that makes Tsiodra the target of the attacks, but also his temperament. The teacher up close, as described by people who work with him, is no different from what he shows. Shy, noble, fully committed to his work, he hates (and even family) publicity, which he feels is a burden. In addition, it dangerously approaches the limits of its endurance, as its nights are dedicated to reading and information. He happened to send an email to an associate with an update at 3 in the morning. (At the time when Polakis metabolizes rakes and screams on Facebook…) “What are you doing, Sotiri?” they ask him in Maximou. “I do not sleep” is the permanent answer. All this, of course, makes him an ideal target for the intimidation exercised by SYRIZA. Then, we admire the recklessness with which the SYRIZA executives rush to spread any rumored rumor, provided that it harms the government. The day before yesterday, it was Giannis Mylopoulos, the old rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who reproduced the non-existent barrel of one of his “acquaintances” for squabbles in the EODY tests. Yesterday was George Varemenos with his vague information about patient options at the hospital of Messolonghi. Perhaps the professional status of the two persons is not accidental, as Mylopoulos is a state professor and the Bored journalist. In other words, they belong to professional categories with special responsibility in the complex crisis we went through and from which we have not yet completely disentangled. Finally, we see that SYRIZA is trying to cultivate the culture of disobedience and resistance, through the bad example. Polakis proved it with his unparalleled brutality. In order not to go into too much detail, I see SYRIZA, as during the period of bankruptcy, investing in the humblest and most vile in human nature, in order to approach the dream of power again. And I honestly wonder how this SYRIZA stance (questioning science, attacking scientists, spreading gossip and false news) differs from that of President Trump towards the coronavirus. Beyond the difference in goals, as Trump sought to keep the US economy open, while SYRIZA seeks the impoverishment that leads to the socialism of despair, I see no other… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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