The rector as “booty” and a country in the … fraud

The biggest crime that the media can do is to show again and again the photo of a terrified University professor, the rector of one of the best Universities in the country. To project the image of a man who is humiliated by a dragon “known – “strangers” who humiliate him in such an unfamiliar way. The “children”, the “solidarity”, the rights activists, do not dare to come forward, to show their faces on the cameras, to claim what they make as demands. On the contrary, they insult the enemy in this way, and they do it on purpose. They publish the photo of the rector Mr. Bourantonis because they know very well that the power of the image is such that they will pass their message to others. “Do not dare to go to us on the contrary, you will have the same fate “, say the… masters of the” militant solidarity initiative “. This is exactly what they wanted, this is exactly what they achieved, and we all give them the step to pass The intrusion into the rector’s office, his provocation and the implementation of a new 000 4,000 law on tentiboism, by hanging the sign on the neck of a professor, is the greatest insult to university morals. Although we have said many times that Some people have been crossing the Rubicon for a long time, that the Universities have reached the bottom, it seems that what happened in ASOEE just shows that there is another bottom. Not even the στα interventions in the homes or offices of people who consider themselves enemies. is the clear defeat of the Republic. And it is the proof of the complete failure of the current government that said that it will “clean up” the universities, that it will clean up the Exarchate, that it’s to blame for the asylum and that is why it is abolishing it in order to bring. Normalcy. complete failure. And we do not mean to impose policing on university premises. Nor do we say that the theory of “law and order”, which some see as “wood and state terrorism”, should prevail, and whoever gets the favor. any human being in such a way. Even if he is an ideological enemy, you should respect him and not hand him over to the dogs. in the arm. Such was the state of the rogue memory of the Right. And in the end – you defeat the enemy with arguments, in other ways, and not by humiliating him. You do not gain value by doing such actions. It reminded me of the Homeric Achilles, who while defeating Hector on the battlefield, then humiliated him by dragging him and displaying him as booty. various “progressives”, the “sensitive” to human rights and the “professional left” who revolt even with the funniest issues. Greece has bottomed out. Education is disbanded, with the responsibility of the respective governments but also of the various “protectors” who have infiltrated in recent years and are in command. When everyone understands that the humiliation of the rector is the red line, maybe then something will change. Unfortunately this picture will not bring any change. On the contrary, it will frighten even those who have the courage to proceed with reforms necessary for Greece. And I do not mean the timid government, nor the dangerous ostrich political system. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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