The “quarantine” in Thessaloniki; the first defeat

The phrase of the great Thucydides “there is nothing that was not lost” is now valid for Thessaloniki (there is nothing that has not been lost). Why? Why the second largest urban center in Greece, which produces 13% of our country’s GDP, with about 1,500,000 million inhabitants… Leads to slow economic death after the imposition of the second universal lockdown. And this, because retail will die again and hundreds or thousands of companies will not work. And this, because unemployment or underemployment will reach its zenith. And this, because thousands of workers will live on the benefits (“alms”) provided by the government of 500 or 600 euros And this is because thousands of freelancers (new lawyers, etc.) will not be able to pay even the operating costs of their office, since there will be no “financial material”, nor will the courts operate. which “spawns” a second (and perhaps sudden) universal lockdown, but this methodology would be impressive, but it would make no sense. In the balance between saving lives and everything else (economy or work), saving lives (and the elderly in particular) undoubtedly prevails. But when a second lockdown is imposed (and perhaps in the future and a third), then the “repetition” of a phenomenon is not just a “farce”, as Charles Marx used to say, but a tragedy..Because in addition to biological death, the financial death of many people is now strongly represented! Consequently we are dealing with a balance of terror and therefore the question of responsibilities arises objectively! That is, how did we reach the tragic result of the universal death of the second largest urban center in Greece. And this detection is necessary to avoid the worst In this context, I definitely believe that the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself has a large share of responsibility, because the financial quarantine is in the last e It is a “political decision”, regardless of whether it is proposed by the infectious disease specialists! of the medical assumption, that the virus has a large spread in the urban fabric of Thessaloniki and the ICUs for Covid-19 are starting to run out dangerously..What was the obvious size that the Prime Minister did not hear? That it would be better to make the measures already taken more stringent (eg to ban traffic from 8 pm to 6 am). even if we take into account that all international flights to the airport “Macedonia” are canceled!) And one last thing. The above thoughts are not dictated at all by the philosophy of a “party opposition”. However, it is not possible for the second largest urban center of Greece to die financially and some to believe that this choice will not be criticized (with reference to the public interest). Finally, I would like to refer to another deadly factor, which certainly contributed to the spread of the virus in Thessaloniki. I am referring to the “Dionysian insanity” of sections of the youth who made – one on top of the other – deadly parties at the university or elsewhere, obviously obsessed with the destructive ideology of carpe diem (: let us eat, let us drink, tomorrow we die) .. But this is not how we can move forward as a country! Kalfelis Grigoris – Professor at the Law School of AUTh – Kalfelis @ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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