The qualitative transition to death

In the press conference given this morning by the Prime Minister and Sotiris Tsiodras regarding the new measures that were deemed appropriate to be taken in order to stop the pandemic, the professor referred, among other things, to the way in which doctors make decisions and act when the number He explained that at the height of the flu wave, for example, doctors are obliged, with a deep awareness of their duty, to select the people who are being intubated. That intubation is sometimes a prolonged process of death rather than the prolongation of life, of a quality life. their transition to death? Finally, the professor stressed that death is something that doctors accept with deep humility. The words of Sotiris Tsiodras provoked reactions, especially his reference to the qualitative transition of the seriously ill elderly to death, which was characterized as unfortunate and cynical. In my opinion, the experienced professor as they are, without embellishing them, with conversations as always measured. Unfortunately, health systems and medical science have finite possibilities, human life has a beginning and an end. Only medical science can offer patients with end-stage disease is the palliative care, the smoothest possible completion of their lives. Finally, we will one day be able to face the truth, to face with courage but also a sense of responsibility the danger we run, without looking for scapegoats? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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