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The left-wing opposition blames the government because, during the management of the current health crisis, it emphasizes individual responsibility and does not take the drastic measures they would like: general stumbling blocks, orders from private clinics, cessation of all economic activities, the mythical money tree and so on Understandable from their point of view, but I am afraid that they miss the most important thing: that we live in a free society, which although has its cultural peculiarities and historical distortions, but politically belongs to the West, as it was once posed by Konstantinos Karamanlis. We do not live in an authoritarian society, as in China, where you are abducted by abstinence and, if necessary, you are even exterminated. to lead them to the fold of authoritarianism. That is why individual responsibility is a necessary component in the functioning of any liberal and democratic society. That is why the government is obliged – and it does very well – to weigh every step it takes in managing the problem with the value of individual freedom. Because the good of freedom is also endangered by the pandemic. This makes individual responsibility so important and for the same reason the Left abhors it… Their “progressive” alliance Last Sunday was the seven-year anniversary of the murder of two young members of Golden Dawn in New Heraklion. On this occasion, friends and like-minded people of Elias Kasidiaris (buds…) decided to hold a protest rally in New Heraklion, ignoring the ban on gatherings that applies for well-known health reasons. As soon as the anarchists of the area were informed, they also announced their own counter-concentration in Galatsi, in Agios Georgios square. The police, however, did not discriminate. He dissolved both rallies, even proceeding to extraditions: 10 extreme right-wingers and 14 anarchists ended up in the Security. The next day, that is, yesterday, Christos Spirtzis of SYRIZA appears to defend the anarchists in Galatsi and, in fact, adopts their on police violence. “The violent action of the MAT on Sunday in Galatsi”, claims the former minister, “even inside a cafeteria, shows the evolution of the anti-democratic descent”. (Let me note, in passing, that I understand his indignation, given that cafes and cafes in general in Greece are educational institutions…) “It is unthinkable,” he continues, “where a citizen drinks his coffee, suddenly forces of MAT, which in fact use so much violence that there are injuries to civilians and police officers. “It is worth noting that, according to the allegations made by the SYRIZA agent, the police officers were so violent during their invasion that they beat themselves – such a stay! Otherwise, it is not explained, based on Spirtzi’s logic at least, why both citizens and police officers were injured. Peaceful citizens, who just drank their coffee, it is impossible to send the police to the hospital. So they did it themselves: they injured themselves out of excessive zeal. To be serious, however, it is obvious that the police officers were injured because the peaceful citizens were not so peaceful, to put it elegantly. I understand that the local collective that organized the anti-concentration (with the vociferous name “Anti-authoritarian / anti-fascist Assembly of Nea Ionia / Heraklion”) are political friends of SYRIZA, they are their own children and need political protection. I understand why, also, elected with SYRIZA in Evros, considers “incomprehensible” the accusation of the perpetrators of the deportation of the rector of the University of Economics and why he blames the moral unworthiness of the traitor to those who provide information about the arrest of the perpetrators. is with the anarchists. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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