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A detail from the visit of the President of Egypt al-Sisi makes a great impression on me and I would like to share it with you. Although the Egyptian leader was small in number, it included two chamberlains (chamberlains, in the official text of the embassy), one of which even bore the title of the first chamberlain. Why might the president of Egypt need two cabin crews? First of all, for what exactly the status of cabin crew states, that is, for all kinds of domestic services. Historically, let me remind you, the title of “chamberlain” was given by the nobleman who was responsible for the private house and the king’s income: his housekeeper, in a word. These services are useful – if not essential – to a leader, even when traveling abroad. Maybe even more then, if you think about it. Why would anyone make his bed and leave a mint chocolate on his headrest? Who will find his pajamas warm when he returns at night? Who will make him a hot milk or remind him of his evening pill for stress? Who will read to him something pleasant to burden his eyes when he is not asleep? Presidential booths can also be useful as testers. (That’s why there are two, so that if one falls in the line of duty, the other takes over…) They can still be useful in the countryside, on field trips – especially if you have them in pairs: big to small. Do you want to bite something, sitting like a man or, even more, like a president! What are you doing; You make them fall on all fours, the big one makes the table, the small one the stool, you are comfortable! Therefore, I am not kidding at all. There is wisdom in choosing two chambers… OLMET’s anarcho-syndicalists Ministry of Education “the centralized electronic situation of voters across the country”! Despite the success of the OLME boycott, as more than 90% of the teachers abstained from the elections, the elections were legal and with the seal of the Council of State. Only as a threat, therefore, to those who voted electronically can be taken the request of OLME to take in its hands the list of those who complied with the law and not with the wishes of the trade unionists. as candidates in the elections. It is directed against those who “send mass messages to colleagues in the last hours to enter the platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and vote for them”, as stated in the text and warns that “we will not leave them unharmed to continue moving in the background and anonymity. will be delivered to the ridicule of the industry “! Will they be given a sign around their necks, as some others have done recently? It is unclear whether until today, five days after the elections, the threat of OLME to ask for the lists of voters has taken place. I hope that the threat of intimidation of those who took part in the elections was a temporary outburst of anger on the part of the trade unionists and will not be followed up. Because if the label that the anarchists passed on to the rector of the University of Economics was a “great shame for the country”, as the President of the Republic put it, it would be even greater shame if the highest trade union body of Secondary Education teachers adopts the same methods of bullying with the wanderel Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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