The preachers of evil Technologybud

We met them on “November 17”. “Yes, they are murderers, but they kill the righteous” – “right” in this case were those who did not like the speaker με We saw them again with the “Kernels of Fire”. “Yes, they are terrorists, but we are talking about young children who were costed by the murder of Grigoropoulos.” They reappeared with the Memorandum and the Indignant. “Yes, they are thugs, but they were indignant because of injustice.” They continued with SYRIZA. “Yes, they say nonsense, but something can be achieved if we try them.” They are now closing the circle with the executioners of Allah. “Yes, they are psychopaths, but Macron offends them because France suffers from Islamophobia.” When teams play ball, they dream of whistling fouls. In the face of evil, however, the “naimenallades” prove to be the pre-eminent preachers of capitulation to evil. Without a non-negotiable cultural measure, without an immovable value horizon, they invoke the relevant or the offset to evade a conflict that frightens them. They are the ones who in rape will say “she wanted it too!” while in robbery they will invoke the socialization of the robber. Expensive in the “repatriations” in the Aegean and cheap in ISIS. In every heinous act they have to add a footnote. For every heinous crime they invoke a mitigating factor. And in the face of absolute evil, they resort to the relativity of things and to the offsetting of situations. “The French are shouting now, but do you know what they have done in Algeria?” Except that whatever happened there sixty years ago, whatever right or wrong Macron does today, whatever one thinks about the sharia, the Prophet or the uri of Paradise, the essence is Thirty years ago (about) Margaret Thatcher said of the IRA that “crime is not politics, crime is crime.” Religion is not politics either. Anyone who slaughters in the name of his religion is not pious or God-fearing, offended or a victim of phobia. He is simply a murderer. A French revolutionary, Antoine de Saint-Zist, although he had no political affiliation with Thatcher, once declared that “there is no freedom for the enemies of freedom.” Europe is once again facing a “scourge of God” in its history. Another God we may not understand and he does not understand us. But this is not a reason to put our hands down, nor to throw it in the conversation. The attack that France receives is an attack on our culture. In a culture of freedom and tolerance. In which even mockery, insult, ungodly ridicule or bad taste satire are part of a superior good called freedom of expression. jihadists. I guess they will be dealt with by any means and by any method. Whatever the “naimenalades” say. No matter how much it costs. Whatever they dare. Because, as the great Lino Ventura used to say in “Tontons Flingeurs” (1963), “assholes dare everything!” By the way, you recognize them. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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