The Polytechnic, law and order and the coronavirus pandemic

The anniversary of the Polytechnic this year started with savagery: Yesterday the MAT “kicked” in the historic building, where there were 68 admissions and in the Polytechnic, in the university schools in Zografou, with 24 admissions. The squatters had the slogan that there is no life and health without freedom. Also, arrests were made to citizens who tried to give food to the squatters. This year’s anniversary of the Polytechnic was canceled due to the coronavirus, as announced by the government. To be precise, Michalis Chrysochoidis likened the ban on the march and the general, classic three-day call to the ban on the parades of the two national holidays. The noticeable thing, of course, is that the course of remembrance and updating of the majestic uprising has absolutely nothing in common, neither qualitatively nor ideologically with the parades. Something like Halloween, let’s say. Fun, belly and dancing and partying. During the MAT raid, the deputy of A ‘Athens, Konstantinos Bogdanos, was obviously supervising, which admittedly could be the subject of endless commentary, but it is not so great at all. its importance. The fact is the raid of MAT and the banning of the march. The increasing measures in relation to the pandemic in relation to tourism and the spread of the virus. Taking the thread from the beginning, then we must definitely keep in mind the situation in hospitals. In his speech, the Prime Minister announced the creation of 50 new ICUs. At the beginning of the pandemic, the recruitment of 5,000 doctors had been announced, which, however, did not take place. These numbers seem sufficient for someone who is not in touch with the reality of the hospital. Because the hospital doctors and nurses, who eat wood from the same MATs of Michalis Chrysochoidis, question any facility that these numbers could offer to the Health system. The number of 5,000 doctors and 50 ICUs is not enough even for the municipality Athenian. At the moment doctors of all specialties are called to fall into the fire, without any previous training and are responsible for dealing with the virus that causes lung infection. Most of these doctors have patients, chronically ill, who automatically become chronically ill. In addition, the treatment of patients with pneumonia, the use of a ventilator, is a specialized procedure in which not all specialties are trained, just as a pulmonologist can not tire patients with stroke. And certainly the lack of human resources creates a mobility within the hospital, which can be fatal: If a neurologist carries the virus and the next day has to give the patient treatments that suppress the immune system, he puts him at risk. As time goes on, with it and the spread of the virus, the hospitals have not been strengthened, the shortages remain huge and the government is investing in more prohibition measures. An illustrative example is the region of Epirus, with Ioannina becoming one of the first prefectures to go into mini-lockdown , while at the same time since the beginning of the pandemic not a single position of ICU doctor was announced for the area! Schools are also coming close to the understaffed hospitals. Already in the summer, when Minister Niki Kerameos had announced that the new year will bring reduced classes of students, we said that what we need are more school classes. Of course, September came with sections of 25 people and… free masks that successfully covered the entire face of students and teachers. So now we are facing a pandemic with two strong fronts of the virus. These fronts are neither the deliveries, nor the young people who “do not comply”. Fronts are those parts of everyday life, such as schools and hospitals, that do not function properly to prevent the spread of the virus. It happens that in addition to young people there are other citizens, parents who go to work, say. Instead, the government believes that the solution is to increase restrictive traffic measures in the evening. Individual responsibility and excuses We are talking about individual responsibility from the beginning and indeed it is almost a year since the beginning of the pandemic and we are, unfortunately, still obliged to discuss the basics: The virus is real, the churches are hotbeds and the anti-mask movement is murderous. At least for the churches, a harsh ban could have been imposed, a measure the government was afraid to take. It is well known that Holy Communion continues to be normally given to the faithful and this is a problem that can no longer be attributed to individual responsibility. Besides, there is a competent Ministry of Religions that is called to deal with such issues. But it does not. In the context of all this disorganization, especially in hospitals, with the physical exhaustion of the health sector being unquestionable and the shortages being dramatic, the government responds again (and again) with the argument of “individual responsibility”: More measures and disclaimers in relation to bad choices, such as the spread of the virus due to the tourist season. As in the summer we heard -again- that “young people are to blame” for the increase in cases, September came and now all the excuses are over. Hospitals are suffering, students are overcrowded and the increase in measures can not work as a measure to deal (and not to limit) when the hospital stumbles. Reasons Yesterday, the Prime Minister insisted that the right was present at the Polytechnic, as three weeks ago on the right he was also present in the National Resistance. This is a huge historical analysis, which needs its own article. The point is that the prime minister insisted and we have no reason to dispute that the right-wing Democrats had anti-dictatorship views. If we do not forget that the Colonels were not brought to trial by the Karamanlis government, but by a group of lawyers, some of whom were right-wing. In the meantime, however, the symbolism will destroy us one day. The Prime Minister’s insistence on convincing that the right participated in the struggles for freedom, comes to be answered today by his minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis: On the anniversary of the Polytechnic, the repressive forces played a central role. . The three days of the Polytechnic were canceled. With the reminder that Michalis Chrysochoidis invoked the pandemic and the children who were taken to GADA had as their motto that “there is no life without freedom and health”. It also happens that over the years the anniversary of the Polytechnic has been a station for claiming the needs of today’s society. And if not now, when should we complain about health? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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