The political agenda of Islam

For the first time, a major European power is realizing the real threat posed by aggressive Islam to its society. France has decided to actively defend the values ​​of open society (freedom of expression, tolerance of the different, equality of the sexes) by attacking certain value systems of the Muslim religion, with a focus on projecting offensive sketches of the Prophet on public buildings. It is clear that the message conveyed by the French Government’s policy is that integration into French society presupposes acceptance of its values ​​and the French way of life. Anyone who disagrees is free to leave or not to come at all. This wake-up call activates most European countries and provokes reactions from some Muslim countries, most notably Turkey. The clash of civilizations that Samuel Huntington saw at least 20 years ago is beginning to show its rather disgusting form. Adding that today Islam has a more specific political agenda. This has to do with the intention of various Islamic centers to penetrate Europe with the long-term goal of strengthening and dominating the Muslim religion and the corresponding way of life. This is not an expression of some Islamophobic views, but comes from Islamic sources themselves. The spread of Islam and the attempt to facilitate its domination in infidel (kafir) societies is dominant in the teachings of the Muslim religion (hadid) and is contained in the Qur’an through the words of the Prophet. Also, many Islamic organizations around the world do not hide their intentions (Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR in the USA, Sharia4Belgium, etc.) Erdogan himself, who is trying to lead the whole world of Sunni Islam and who is leading attacks against of secular France without condemning the beheadings of Western citizens, did not hide his view of the jihadists: “There is no moderate and extreme Islam. “There is only Islam.” The hidden agenda against Europe is also evident from the obvious hypocrisy of the fanatics. They attack the West because of its habits and values. And they call every reaction of it an Islamophobic crusade. Bypassing the historical reality that the Crusades were caused by Islamic imperialist expansion into the heart of Europe – from Andalusia to southern France and from Hungary and Vienna to Italy and Sicily. They are also bothered by Europe, but they show strange indifference and tolerance for the persecution and problems of their fellow Uighurs in western China. Families have broken up, and thousands of people have been sent to “retraining” camps, as believing in Islam is sometimes considered a mental problem! But you have seen the fanatical Salafists or even the jihadist propagandists? Have the Islamic State and the believers it rules over ever dealt with these populations? The interest of all this lies exclusively in Europe, whose values ​​they want to erode and subvert its social cohesion. Even with the most heinous acts of terrorism… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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