The police are not the answer to the pandemic

We are at a critical juncture in the battle. It is obvious that, as in all of Europe, we are facing an aggressive second wave of pandemics. The health system is at a tipping point. If the transmission rate is not controlled, hospitals will be exhausted. Obviously, we would be in a calmer situation, if the relevant measures had been taken and no time had been wasted and a complacency had not prevailed. However, at this moment it is not enough to blame ourselves for what the government did not do. Immediate action is needed. And that is why when one discusses whether additional measures are needed, people discuss how to be more effective or how to deal with the additional economic and social costs involved. And this shows a society that wants to fight. A society that is already changing its behavior and modifying the way it lives, to help deal with the pandemic and reduce the cost of living. Not the majority of society nor the party, nor does he run to find ways to get together. He sits at home, goes to work if he has to, as much protection as he can. There are “sprayed” ones, but fortunately they are still few. police, but the composure, the knowledge and the observance of the measures. Because when the composure and the knowledge prevail, then problems are avoided. See the demonstration for the Polytechnic. has a basic knowledge of the situation and how things are organized, knows that the political and trade unions calling for the demonstration have explicitly and repeatedly spoken about the need for measures. They are neither anti-virus nor anti-mask. There should not be a logic of banning any mobilization, because apart from the pandemic, there is also democracy. And that is why they are planning a demonstration with protection measures, distances and antiseptics. They have been saying this for days. I am very afraid that the logic of the ban does with some anxiety for health, but with various repulsions for the demonstration of the Polytechnic and the messages it sends. That is, I understand why a part of the hard core of the right would like not to demonstrate the Polytechnic. Every year. But such a political conception can not determine government policy. Why then do we go to dangerous paths, which instead of helping public health, will fuel a sense of authoritarian turn. Is there anyone who wants this? Let reason and composure prevail. Let the thoughts of prohibition stop. Let us not see other images with MAT invasions and adjoining next to the monument and the gate. Let the demonstration take place, with protection measures and let us focus on how to give this difficult battle that is in front of us. The Polytechnic always sends, a struggle is what we have ahead. A struggle for life and for society to stand on its own two feet. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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