The pending pensions are a time bomb – EFKA and the General Accounting Office are at a dead end

Faced with a major social problem, the government is openly plagued by the pending retirement applications of 165,562 jobseekers from all sectors of the economy, who are waiting 18 months (on average) to receive their pensions. Despite huge expectations created for the rapid award of pensions with the transition of Funds to the digital age, now Maximos executives find that they are facing a situation that is not resolved but, on the contrary, is deteriorating as 3,000 to 5,000 are added to the “stock” of pending retirement cases every month “To Vima tis Kyriakis” today reveals the last census of June 2020 with comparative data from 2014, while it has at its disposal all the data for the quarter July-August-September that show that the situation is deteriorating, but which are gradually being integrated to “overdue receivables from the State” after 90 days. “Gordios At the same time, it reveals that in addition to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Ministry of Digital Government is in front of the “heavy link” of the digital integration of the Funds in e-EFKA, which has the IKA computerization to such an extent that experts liken it to So far, ETEAEP, TSMEDE and OPEKA (it is a welfare organization and not an insurance fund) have joined the e-EFKA, although from the above organizations either the systems have been transferred in their entirety or the entire system has been transferred to the e-EFKA. part of them. So the road to its completion is long. At a dead end. As people who know the situation testify to “To Vima”, “the problem is complex, multifaceted and reveals the great pressure that the country received to take steps in the era of memoranda. But the political system had other (individual, political and electoral) filters and was not mature enough to serve its purposes. ” And much more… The bottom line is that thousands of labor veterans are at a dead end today. But even bigger is the impasse of EFKA, its administration and of course the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance that has shouldered the responsibility and burden of pensions. How is the story? The problem was identified when the country entered into memoranda and was forced to limit the pension expense. After the first memorandum and the abolition of the 13th and 14th pensions, and in view of the change of the insurance laws and the new cuts that followed with the second memorandum, a wave of retirements broke out. “Whoever could retire, left the State or whatever job he had.” Thus, the system “clogged” early not only in the IKA, but mainly in the State, in the DEKO Funds, in the banks and all the so-called ” noble Funds. At some point the knot reached the scallop. The institutions identified the problem, asked for the gradual acceleration of the distribution of pensions and to reduce the “stock” of pending applications that have since been seen as a hidden deficit or debt. The mass edition But this work was very heavy. It started in 2014, as soon as the census of pensioners was completed and it was decided to consolidate all the Funds, or rather it was imposed on the country as a memorandum obligation. At that time, the total number of pending pensions was approaching 175,000 and gradually the mass issuance of retirement decisions began at a rate that exceeded the number of new applications each month. Thus, as shown in the revealing table, the “stock” of pending cases was reduced to then in 2015 to 156,163 applications, at the end of 2016 to 144,999, to be followed by an over-effort by the management and staff of EFKA to be reduced to 113,938 applications in December 2017 and a year later to 89,049 applications. It was the best time of the new Fund, a fact that was recognized by the institutions. The “electoral machine” as the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor and the competent Deputy Minister Mr. Tassos Petropoulos had the priority to initiate the “election to settle persons and pending issues until we reach the national polls of July. Then began the descent of EFKA and the ascent, the Golgotha ​​of retirees. From August 2019 the rate of pension decisions issued by EFKA every month under by 3,000 to 5,000 new retirement applications, bringing the outstanding pension stock back to 144,158 at the end of last June. In parallel with this dramatic picture (if one places behind the numbers elderly people with increased needs and The situation can turn into a nightmare, if one takes into account that in one and a half years (January 2019 – July 2020) 21,404 pending retirement applications of civil servants, military, teachers, etc. were added to the outstanding ones. EFKA has not yet managed to restore and assimilate the operating and award model p What and who is to blame? The question of “what and who is to blame” that for obvious oppositional reasons has been raised and will be returned by SYRIZA and Mrs. Efi Ahtsioglou, who was the author of the State General Accountant for decades. then Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, so he knows, others say that the weakening of EFKA by staff and executives is to blame, others blame the gap created in the months when Mr. Notis Mitarakis was Deputy Minister of Social Insurance and – now proven to be – b with Minister Giannis Vroutsis, and others (who approach the issue technocratically) say that the potential of IDIKA and the executives trusted by Mr. Vroutsis was overestimated. , who is facing a difficult, multi-layered and complex problem that does not fit populism, nor superficial treatment. ali politikos, “throws the ball on the podium” when asked what is really going on, saying that most pensioners get the temporary pension which will even increase, but does not give evidence that out of the 149,778 pending applications at the end Only 19,144 were receiving temporary pensions in August (about 14%) The political issue with the supplementary pensions, the electronic, therefore rapid granting of pensions, creates a headache in the government and will soon come to the Parliament. The ND MP of the 1st Region of Thessaloniki Mrs. Anna Efthimiou submitted a question to the Parliament (on October 12), to Mr. Vroutsis that with his statements “he pledged that by the end of 2020 the percentage of new pensions will be awarded digitally will exceed 55% and by the end of 2021 85% “on retirement requests ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 every month and she asks him” how will this be done “. In fact, looking at the data of the ATLAS system, she finds out points out that month by month the total number of pensioners in Greece is declining, obviously because they are not issued at the rate at which retirement decisions were issued in the past. She estimates that Of course, at this point we must clarify that the major problem is the main pensions and their award as among them are thousands of pensions for health reasons and that the issuance of allowances and the payment of a lump sum require – in most Funds – the issuance of the decision and the award of the main pension. Under the rug Until last Monday, the director of the budget office of the Parliament, Mr. Frangiskos Koutentakis, was waiting for the official data, the inventory of EFKA for pensions in order to study his office and to prepare a credible report on the consequences In any case, behind the approach of hiding the problem under the rug, a huge social problem unfolds, that of the survivors of labor who wait an average of more than 18 months to receive their first pension while not They have another income. The solution of the temporary pension of 500 or 700 euros does not cover even the minimum living needs. The big wrongdoers In the huge number of 165,562 pending retirement applications (end of June inventory) four are the main categories: 1 The pending pension applications employees who are also the big wrongdoers as they have paid f in full their contributions and even in advance for years for each month they worked.2 Thousands of pending retirement applications for traders and freelancers, who owe huge amounts of annual contributions they did not pay to OAEE.3 Review of claims of already retired who worked after their retirement and claim the legal adjustment-increase of their pensions for the additional years they paid contributions.4 OGA pensions. Queues are also present in the final award of invalidity pensions, but this is another painful chapter as the coronavirus prevented, slowed down operation of the medical committees. PRINTED EDITION STEP Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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