The “orange” leader and the … Trump-arifs were defeated, but the “Trumpism” is here

The extreme right, the normal and the hidden behind parties and factions are going through great hardships in Greece. How to withstand multiple blows of fate. The Chrysaugites who were deeply admired, may have voted for them, went to prison. And they have a hidden joy that the deputy leader of the “Führer”, Christos Pappas, has escaped (really all is well there in the Police?) that it’s a global conspiracy to control people. And now came Trump’s blow. The “orange” leader of the world extreme right, who has found suitable ground in our country as well. So many supporters of a man who leads the world populist movement that has sought to dismantle every notion of human dignity. the castle fell. In the beginning, and here in Greece, Trump’s far-right friends were celebrating. They were sure that their leader would be in the White House for another four years. Then they froze and waited. And now, the unfortunates are putting forward theories of fraud, of conspiracy against the great leader, of a crime against… Democracy because the votes were counted from afar. Trump supporters who humiliated Democracy, and was elected with 3 million fewer votes, are now talking about electoral fraud. Crying from the domestic Trump-arifs because this blow is big. Who will they stay with now? With στο Christos Pappas who is locked in a basement and pissing his pants at the thought that he can go to jail again? – Democracy has spoken. Toxicity is moving away (?) from America, this unsightly, tragic figure of Trump will take the place it deserves. In his house or in prison because not a few things he has done. And it is questionable why so many Greeks believed this populist liar. Why, if they were real patriots, would they think how much the Trump presidency helped the Greek positions towards the provocative Erdogan? On the contrary, the tactic of neutrality encouraged him to threaten Greece with war. Therefore, it should not have any followers in our country. Not even Tsipras, who once called him diabolical, but then he was photographed proudly next to him. All this, however, has little significance. It doesn’t matter if the ubiquitous right-wing and far-right have lost their natural leader. Will Trump be defeated? What should worry us is that Trump is leaving, but Trump is everywhere. It has taken root and will hardly be uprooted. After all, 70 million Americans voted for him, and that says it all. And when we talk about Trumpism, we mean everything that the former planetary leader brought to the surface, who even now is preparing to divide his country, to bring it to a state of civil war. unbridled xenophobia that has no problem killing people as long as the… pure American (or Greek) blood is not “soiled”. We mean the homophobic followers of Trump and all leaders like the one who in 2020 see diversity as a miasma of society. racists, crypto-Nazis, anti-Semitic caricatures and followers of the “final solution” for anyone who is not their own. Who does not fit into the norm of the “good American (or Greek) family”, the religion, the homeland. But of the homeland that sees no one else, of nationalism that wants to exterminate the rest. Trumpism will remain in both American and Greek society and will be represented by political figures, pathological narcissists, fools or fools. They have no problem hearing that the coronavirus is defeated by bleach or that the Chinese made it to conquer the world. Trumpism came to remain as an anti-systemic movement that sells populism oka and strikes pathogens of the existing bourgeois political system. Who gains supporters because he talks about the corruption of others (unthinkable for the corrupt Trump to talk about corruption). Who gains ground because he reinforces fascist and racist theories. Such as the fight against abortion and women’s emancipation, the anti-vaccination campaign, the social movements for the protection of human existence, whatever their origin or religion. Like the battle that millions are waging against environmental rape and climate change for the sake of Trump’s friends. The outgoing US President has sold himself as “anti-systemic”, as others in our country have done and are doing. The Golden Dawn as an “anti-systemic” movement appeared and was voted for by 600 thousand Greeks. It does not stop with the disappearance of the neo-Nazis, nor with the electoral defeat of the… anti-memorandum forces in our country. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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