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If there is one point on which all Greek-Turkish commentators, whether experts or unrelated, agree, it is that Turkey intends to provoke a heated episode with Greece. Correctly; This expediency is obvious: after Erdogan closed the door to exploration, Turkey is making every effort to ensure that the danger is perceived by those concerned and that not the slightest shadow of doubt remains. And, admittedly, he has succeeded in this: the day before yesterday, as soon as I heard a select internationalist express his assessment that if Erdogan had ensured that he would not be blamed for the first step, he would have already caused the heated episode. Given this, my question is how it is possible, nevertheless, that there are so many voices of ours that argue that the research “Oruts Reyes” should not be allowed to cross the 12 nm limit at all. My question is logical, because, since the Turks are determined to violate this limit, there is no practical way for Greece to prevent them other than the violence of the military. So this is what those who adopt the 12 nm red line suggest? My question is astonishing, because, if they suggest this, how can they not see that it is synonymous with the pursuit of Turkey? Therefore, why should we voluntarily do them a favor? (However, from the above category I exclude SYRIZA, which demands the extension to 12 nm of Greek territorial waters in the disputed area. They ask Greece to go to war, with the hope that this way they will become a government again…) The reason why Erdogan seeks the quarrel is because, after a hot episode, the discussion with Greece will be obligatory and in fact on terms not at all favorable for our side. The international pressure that will lead the adversaries to the negotiations will be enormous and all issues will be put on the table, not only those that we recognize as Greek-Turkish differences. But that is Erdogan’s goal. Can it ever be ours? If we negotiate with Turkey in the face of military conflict and bloodshed, we will certainly have shown to the world how fearless, heroic, brave and worthy of our ancestors we are. Everyone will look at little Greece with admiration – if, after all, it is what we want. With one detail, however, that makes a big difference: we will have lost! (Unless, of course, if in the confrontation with Turkey we will have on our side the supership of the divine forces, since during the ministry of P. Kammenos the Virgin Mary was promoted, as is well known, to lieutenant general of the Infantry…) What reason, therefore, to pursue What exactly is Erdogan? (Apart from the psychological, which I will not enter into, as incompetent…) Why should we, save and well, reach the negotiating table beaten and not with the advantage of our own will? And in fact, for something that exists only as a possibility and desire, since the territorial waters of our country are at 6 n.m. and not at 12. If Turkey crosses this threshold, it is not violating our sovereignty, but the potential sovereign rights of our country. For many, however, the real is confused with the imaginary and for the sake of the latter they are ready to sacrifice the former. The unfortunate thing is that, with the conditions of extreme aggravation caused by Turkey, the path of diplomacy and peaceful settlement becomes even more difficult. What to do, though, that he is the only one…

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