The new President of OPEKEPE is Theofanis Papas

Theofanis Papas takes over as the new President of the Organization for the Payment and Control of Community Aid Guidelines and Guarantees (OPEKEPE), in the position of the outgoing President of the Organization, Grigorios Varras. Theofanis Papas was born in Thessaloniki in 1977. Postgraduate Studies in “European Integration and Governance” of the University of Macedonia. Since 2002 he is the owner of a model craft company in the agri-food sector, which deals with the certified processing and production of cheese-making enzymes, based in Socho, Thessaloniki. Councilor of the Municipality of Sochos, at the age of 24.2006-2010: Mayor of Sochos at the age of 29, with a percentage of 61.13% of the votes.2010-present: Regional Councilor of Central Macedonia.2011-2012: Member of the “Local Government” Group of Institute of Democracy “Konstantinos Karamanlis” .2011-2013: Managing Director of the Department of Commerce of PKM.2013: Deputy Regional Head of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki.2013-2014: Deputy Regional Head of Environment, Energy & Natural Resources PKM.2014: Second in votes Regional Councilor of Central Macedonia.2014-2016: Deputy Regional Head of Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship Makedonias.2015 (September): In the National Elections of September 2015 he was included in the list (without cross of preference) of the ballot of NEW DEMOCRACY, in the constituency of B ‘Thessaloniki.2016-2018: Deputy Regional Minister of Rural Economy of Central Macedonia.2016: member of the Political Committee of the NEW DEMOCRACY.2018 (March): He submitted his resignation from the position of Deputy Regional Minister of Agricultural Economy of Central Macedonia, in order to claim his entry, as a candidate for MP, in the ballot of NEA DIMO Thessaloniki.2019 (July): First (1st) runner-up MP of the NEW DEMOCRACY in the 2nd constituency of Thessaloniki, with “21,686” votes. Councils – Committees 2006-2010: Full member of the Board. of T.E.D.K. Prefecture of Thessaloniki.2011-2014: CEO of the Development Prefecture of Thessaloniki “ANETH SA” 2013-2016: Chairman of the Committee for Development, Innovation & Rural Economy of Central Macedonia.2014-2017: Chairman of the “Monastery of Lazarists” (Civil non for-profit Culture Company) .2014-2017: Full member of the Board. of the Development Prefecture of Thessaloniki “ANETH SA”. 2014-2018: Full member of the Board. of the “Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia (PTA-KM)”. 2014-present: Full member of the Disciplinary Council of Elected Local Authorities. Second Degree of Central Macedonia.2015-2016: Chairman of the Popular Markets Committee of Central Macedonia.2015-2018: Vice-Chairman of the Regional Advisory Committee on Development Law (Private Investments) of Central Macedonia.2018-2019: Representative of the Central Committee of the Central Macedonia the Demographic Issue of Greece.2019 – today: Secretary of the Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Central Macedonia. Social – Cultural Action. “FILIPPOS” Group of Sochos. Founding member of the Wrestling Association “AGIOS APOSTOLI” of Sochos. General Secretary for a number of years of the Educational Gymnastics Association (MGS) of the of the event “SOCHOU KONOUNOFORON”, at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games “ATHENS 2004”. As President of the Monastery of Lazarists, he contributed to the consolidation of the Festival of the Monastery as one of the most important institutions of Thessaloniki. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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