The new payroll of AADE is in consultation – What it provides

The Ministry of Finance is consulting the bill for the new payroll of the employees in the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), which was drafted on the proposal of the Authority. which, taking into account international best practices, introduces a modern remuneration system of the human resources of AADE, based on the work, responsibilities and efficiency of each employee. “Our goal is the continuous increase of the performance of AADE and the improvement of the workforce The new system takes into account: • formal and substantive qualifications • knowledge and experience • complexity of position • critical thinking and • ability to make decisions.What it provides • Employees continue to receive the salaries of the single salary, based on seniority and educational level. • The payment of the family benefit, the border allowance and the unhealthy work allowance is maintained, as the case may be. Each employee, depending on the position in which he / she serves, receives a corresponding remuneration. borderline for selected Services as an incentive for the staffing of very remote units. E.), which is offset by the existing personal difference. • The special remuneration incorporates the current responsibility position allowance. : • Aligns the Strategic and Operational Objectives of AADE with the personal • Creates a fair, meritocratic and dynamic scoring system that puts the right person in the right position • Serves the vision of the Ministry of Finance and AADE to build a relationship of trust and confidence with citizens and society as a whole. The consultation on the bill is conducted through the website and will be completed on Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 17:00. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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