“The neighborhood that flourished on coal”: Students filmed the adventure of the inhabitants of Anthoupolis

The students of the 7th High School of Peristeri recorded on film what exactly happened to the residents of Anthoupolis and their effort to save their homes from the operation of the coal mine in the area. The Mayor of Peristeri Andreas Pahaturidis congratulated the students and teachers of the 7th High winning the 1st prize for the documentary film “The neighborhood that flourished on the coals” in the 2nd Student Audiovisual and Digital Creation Competition “Your story is the story of your city”. On October 23, 2020, at the cultural – conference center of Peristeri City Hall Observing the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Mr. Pahaturidis received a delegation of students and teachers, together with the Deputy Mayor of Education Tassos Theodorakos and the Deputy Mayor of Polis Vassilis Betsis. time in this competition, learning in depth, illuminating and known The film – the documentary is the fruit of the systematic research of a group of students of the 7th High School, who captured the moving effort of the first inhabitants of the district of Anthoupolis to save their homes and their lives threatened by the unscrupulous operation of the old coal mine in the area. All students and teachers (Principal Papamarkou Melpomeni, teachers Makri Ioanna and Kakadiari Anna) were given the official album of the Municipality “Peristeri: Aspects of the History of the city and the Municipality”. Dimitris, ATHANASOPOULOU PENELOPE, VLACHOU CHRISTINA, GALANI ILIANA, Elder George ZIOA MELINA, KARPATHAKIS GEORGE beans PEACE, KOUTOUDAKI HARIKLIA, KYRIAZIS KONSTANTINOS, LYMPERAKOS GIANNIS, Magaliou DESPINA, MARKATOS GIANNIS, Megara ROYAL, Mullah HELEN, Bournia ADAMANTIA, PAGKRAKIOTI SPYRIDOULA, PLATANA MARILENA, TSITSIRIGOU GEORGIA, HALASTI VASILIKI. Follow it on Goog le News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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