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Decent living is a natural right. The administration of a municipality is a choice. Every mayor when taking the oath of office – by hand in the Gospel – must swear by the dignified life of every citizen first of all. Then he has to swear to implement sustainable practices. Of course, we did not end here. Commit to attracting investment, keeping young people in place, taking special care of the disabled and the elderly, promoting inclusive development, tackling inequalities and maintaining social cohesion, Consistently manage migration, strengthen Health structures and Schools, reduce pollution, encourage sustainable urban mobility, streamline spending, evaluate the quality of projects and services, promote the safety of citizens, will evaluate permanent staff and submit internal performance reports, encourage research and innovation and protect its citizens from noise-hungry people. Yes, the noise pollution created by some with loud music at forbidden hours, or with construction and other work at inappropriate hours pale in front of the guys with broken exhausts who start their walk from the Cross of Agia Paraskevi and end up in Piraeus, indifferent to babies, children and the elderly have been disturbed in the meantime. In Chelsea, England – I take my hat off to them – they have installed sensors – cameras that measure the noise pollution of vehicles. So when the fool passes with the broken exhaust then the system wakes up by recording decibels and plate number. 150 euros per bougiurdi – and it is a little – while if the violation is repeated, revocation of the marketing license. Today in Greece the mayors throw all their forces to keep their city clean, with good lighting and satisfactory school structures. Also, to build the playgrounds, the sidewalks-where they exist because in the exact sense of the term you rarely meet them and to throw asphalt on the roads. The latter is a repetitive process since they are never made properly and damn and from the beginning every three or so. Instead of the current mayor dealing with cultural events after giving bread and spectacle to the people, it is a successful recipe over the centuries. These and a few more are done by most current and past administrations. The monotony was broken by the trend of the time for recycling and the development of software and applications in the context of simplification of procedures. Hence the oppositions are concerned if a tree was cut wrong, if puddles were opened if the lights were turned on and if there was rubbish in the streets. In every electoral process in the local elections, there is an increasing number of candidates for mayors and municipal councilors. Each with his own ambition. But how many meet the quality criteria to administer or advise the municipal authority? The answer is few, although there are notable people among them. For this reason, there is a change of most municipal authorities in each electoral process. Well, modern demands want mayors, deputy mayors and councilors to address many important issues: governance, transparency, investment, health, green growth, unemployment, sustainability, infrastructure, vulnerable groups, environment, living standards, recycling, education, cleanliness , security, housing development, business parks, tourism, laws, financing programs, suppliers and so much more and without even the appropriate staffing. So it seems normal to you that a municipal authority can take them for a walk? Not to mention the low salaries and the responsibility they have. So either the mayor must be Maggiver or he will do the absolutely necessary and nothing else. Especially with the pan-European SBAs (Sustainable Development Plans) each municipality should play a central role in issues such as climate, circular economy, rising living standards, supporting and enhancing public health. At the same time, all this must be combined with smart technological solutions, but also economies of scale must be achieved. In productive municipalities, the appropriate models for rural development must be found. Local authorities will also have the leading role in the ecological transformation of their municipalities. And all this at a time when the pandemic has sunk local entrepreneurship and created unemployment. As you understand, a mayor, no matter how talented he is, will not be able to “make a difference” as much as he wants, since neither the evaluation of the permanent employees of the municipalities is entitled to do, nor to staff as he judges his municipality. are done in the municipalities -perhaps not permanent- but at least as long as the term of the mayor lasts since without technocrats and managers no mayor can be judged fairly for his work. It’s like being in an 8-seater rowing boat, missing the 5 rowers and you want to get a medal. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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