The “Mothers” of Giannis Kostavaras successfully started their journey

MOTHERS go to the cinema. The short film MOTHERS, the first cinematic attempt of Giannis Kostavaras, made its first screening in Greek territory on Sunday 4/10, in the open hall of cine ATHENS. The screening of the film, which due to covid-19, took place in the presence of the actors and selected guests, satisfied the audience and was applauded. The film deals with the story of three mothers whose children are involved in a dramatic murder story. Thus we can see the interpretation of a tragic event, not from the side of the media, the law or the society as a whole, but from the side of the MAN… of any mother. Driven by a real story that shocked the whole of Greece, I read the article of the well-known journalist Claire Tzortzaki who approached the story from a different side, and I wrote the script “MOTHERS” with her permission. The form is different, since only the people in the film speak mothers and nowhere children leading the viewer to see the mother’s pain from three different angles. It is worth noting that the rehearsals for the shooting took place online (!) During the quarantine period and all the actors and actors worked non-profit for the completion of this film. various festivals abroad. ACTOR SIARKOU, N.GIANNOUDAKI, ELEKTRA GENNATA, CHR. AVLONITIS, A.MAKRI, TH. ADAMOPOULOS, A.KARAPETSAS, TH.KOUTSOU AVNTOULISYNTELESTESSENARIO-direction: Giannis KOSTAVARASKEIMENA: KLAIRI TZORTZAKIDIEFTH.FOTOGRAFIAS: G.PAPANDRIKOPOULOSMOUSIKI: RSNCAMERA: I.ARVANITAKISENGRAFI AUDIO: N.KONSTANTINOUSKINIKA costumes: V.MPALTSAS, A.LIGKOUVOITH.SKINOTHETI: N.VARVAROGLOUMAKIGIAZ: ELSA PROTOPSALTIMALLIA: N.ASIMAKOPOULOSSOUND STUDIO : DNA LABΔΙΕΥΘ. PRODUCTION: G. VAGENAS

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