The love affair between two police officers – Marc and Kay will meet again – but when?

More than 2,300 supporters, with their small or large sums of money – from 25 euros to 2,500 euros – raised an amount of more than 150,000 euros to start “writing” the script of a new film – to be precise This is the sequel, the 2nd part, of a low-cost film from Germany that found its way to the public and had a very good response (which appeared in the reviews but also in the box office that filled with 600 thousand euros) which is mainly due to theme – the play of love between two police officers – but also the acquitted approach of the creators. The film Free Fall (Freier Fall in German) directed by Stephan Lacant, who co-wrote the screenplay with Karsten Dahlem, starring Hanno Koffler , Max Riemelt and Katharina Schüttler tells the story of police officer Marc Borgmann (Koffler), who lives with his pregnant girlfriend, Bettina Bischoff (Schüttler) in While at a training seminar, Borgmann meets his colleague, Kay Engel (Riemelt), and the arrows of love hit a target. In the story of the film that was played at the Berlin Film Festival, Borgmann appears torn between his love for Bettina and his new feelings for another man… The sequel on screen. 4 years later, the creators of Free Fall “set up” a crowdfunding campaign – crowdfunding in Greek, which in practice means little money from many – on indiegogo in order to raise a first chapter to start the production of the film. “Marc and Kay will meet again. Help us achieve the long-awaited sequel! ” The audience responds. The amount of 152,438 euros is collected from 2,357 supporters. The beginning is made with the script. The creators-producers of the film announce that in January 2018 the writing of the script was completed by 50%. At the same time, they came out to find sponsors and investors, while they also announced a new crowdfunding campaign, which they set for August 2018. The goal of all these actions is the director’s “Let’s go” in 2019. But, the shooting was not to never start… In the summer of 2019 with a post on the Free Fall 2 facebook page the creators-producers of the sequel apologize for their silence and thank the supporters and fans for their patience. They themselves are not committed to how and when the 2nd part will be shot. In any case, the content of their post shows that they “went” to a second version of the script and that the discussions with sponsors and investors did not pay off απο However, they still state that they are working to make Free Fall a reality. 2 – something that time will tell. However, it would be good not to let the protagonists grow old and the romance to fray…

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