The lost logic of the European Championships…

You look at the foreign league standings, two months after the start of the season, and you realize that the coronavirus not only changed the world, imposing lockdowns everywhere, but also changed the world of football. AEK: the last time this team was the first we talked about the “miracle of the century”. In Spain, the first is Real Sociedad, which starred in the league in the early ’80s, and second is Villarreal. To see Real Madrid you have to look at fourth place and to find Barcelona eighth. In Italy, the first is Milan, which has had a championship since the years when Silvio Berlusconi was prime minister: it has been taken over by the elderly Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Second is Sassuolo (!) And third is Napoli. The permanent champion Juventus has not lost, but has won only three of the seven matches! In France, Paris has just reached number one – mainly because it has no competition. The reigning champions have already lost twice, but second-placed Lille have just five wins in ten games: the French would have had the most exciting league in the world without Neymar. Only in Germany does everything seem perfectly logical: Bayern Munich, beating Dortmund a week ago away from home, puts an early bow to win another title. It is supported. In the Covid-19 season, the bigger a team is, the bigger problems it has. Barcelona, ​​which relies heavily on Camp Nou revenue (and I do not mean just the tickets but also the money brought by the boutiques and stadium museums) is in danger of bankruptcy and has offered its players a 30% pay cut. Last summer she wanted to sell one of her stars to seriously boost her empty coffers, but she did not find anyone willing to give her the money she was asking for even for Leo Messi. For its part, Real Madrid last summer, for the first time in its history, should not have made any significant transfers. Both play in the Champions League, unable to hold two watermelons under the same armpit. Real to lose Barça in the classic lost to Shakhtar at home and then to beat Inter and not lose the qualification to ” 16 “gave what he had and lost from Valencia. The rich Manchester City has the same problems. To pass the group of the Champions League (and to stand out in the organization by doing something that is her dream) she throws points in the Premier League: she is only tenth. . The finalist of the Champions League final in Paris counts players with fractures from the beginning of the season, precisely because the French championship had stopped in March and she did not prepare for the summer, due to her European obligations until the 15th of August. Manchester United and Rennes missed the Navas goalkeeper, Kimbebe and Bernat from the defense, Draxler, Sarabia and Verratti from the midfield and Neymar, Icardi and Ebape from the attack! But Manchester United, who played in the Europa League semi-finals last year, is not all healthy: in England they are only in 14th place! Inter, who reached the Europa League final, are eighth in Italy and Sevilla, who won the trophy, are twelfth. Lyon and Atalanta, who upset the Champions League last year, are fighting to get back to Europe this year: they are below fifth place in their national leagues. Secret What’s up? Something simple. The lack of summer preparations and the small summer transfer boost result in the strong being less strong. In recent years we have been able to see some of the strongest teams in the history of European football. The secret of these teams was that they had great footballers who could serve games of great intensity: Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, De Bruyne, Montrich and the other greats of our time were great craftsmen with performances that were the envy of his athletes. They were very fast, strong, complete. But if you remove elements that work in preparations and training, they all become more earthy, less decisive and more fragile. And if the virus finds them (like Christiano for example) their life becomes even more difficult despite the millions they have. Millions do not save them from quarantine, do not give them the opportunity to train, do not allow them to make up for lost hours of necessary summer work. Because they are great players they can make a difference with their experience and technique. But they play in teams that walk. IbraIt is strange to see Olympiakos e.g. in the Etihad to make Guardiola City more possession in the second half. But it is also strange to see him not be able to score a goal in Greece against an opponent, if he does not get tired and bend in the second half due to the over-effort to keep zero. It is strange to see Ibrahimovic in his 40s make a difference in the Championship, but in a league where the running is short and the intensity of the games is small, the Swede can be not only useful, but decisive. Nobody knows more ball than him in Italy and not only. Logic As we approach the heavy winter the surprises will logically decrease. The richest and strongest teams will climb to the top of the standings based on their rich and big bench: in England Klopp and Guardiola ask the federation to be allowed and in the English championship the five changes arguing that what should apply on the island as well. and in Europe – they do not ask for it by chance. Logic says that teams with many solutions will find an antidote to the lack of preparation that afflicts them. But does it make sense in the Covid-19 years? I do not find it… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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