The loneliness of death is hard, at least the coronavirus should not steal our humanity

Once upon a time there was an elderly couple living in an apartment in Kallithea. Alone, with many health problems, with the coronavirus having “crumpled” every notion of socialization. Locked in four walls, isolated from the world so as not to get stuck in the “evil” and lose a few of the last moments of this useless world. Have you seen 80-year-olds and over who know that their life is short to look at you and want to be kept out of your sight? Have you seen their clean but tired and frightened look now that the pandemic has closed them at home? Not even a walk in neighborhood, a quick coffee and shopping for the week. A conversation with the acquaintance, a narration from the past. When they were young… Not even contact with relatives, friends and a warm hug, a caress on the hand, a “I love you grandpa and grandma”. Nothing. The coronavirus stole them too… Let’s continue the story… The old woman dies, a life goes by and even if one says that this is the natural course of things, it is always a man. Who left his mark on the world. That he also lived as a child, studied, got a job, made a career, got married, made family, friends, loved and was loved. This is the main element of death, erases all the above, taking life. However, in the years of the coronavirus There is something more dramatic. The loneliness of death. These days when we are locked in the house, when we have limited our activities, there are some who die alone. They will be buried alone, without relatives and friends, a quick departure because… is waiting the “bad”. The unfortunate woman in Kallithea or elsewhere “left”, but she does not have the… luck of the patriarch Ireneos or the metropolitan that hundreds rushed to say goodbye to her. , the daughter, the brother. In the fast, with a mask, with distances, without the manifestation of emotion, without the coffee of consolation. In the fast because the pandemic imposes even how to greet our dead. Unfortunately, the coronavirus steals lives, but it also steals emotions. Weddings, baptisms, other happy social events can be postponed for a better season. Even και parties and celebrations and birthdays, can be another period and… crowded. But funerals, burials are not postponed. The dead can not wait. They become, but they become without people. These people came with so many around them, they lived so intensely, with so many people in their lives and they leave alone. This is a great tragedy. May you not be able to greet for the last time the one who may once have been your beacon. Be it father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, companion or friend. May he be your man, in your heart. But now you can not say goodbye to him. The loneliness of death is a hard thing and the coronavirus makes it even more difficult. But, because we are all mortals. Both the young and the less young will at some point find themselves in this position. If we can not prevent the loneliness of death, let us banish the loneliness of life. Say “hello” to grandparents. Pick up the phone and say a good word. Shout under their balcony “we love you, we do not forget you, we will hug you again”. It costs nothing, but it is worth a fortune. And the coronavirus can take our people, it can sets the terrible scene of the loneliness of death, but let not humanity take us. At least that. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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