The largest photovoltaic park in Katouna

The largest photovoltaic park in Greece today is located in Katouna and is “grassroots”, with the participation of 500 families from Etoloakarnania. The AS UNION OF AGRINI and the Energy Communities inform that the construction works of the photovoltaic projects in Koila , in Katouna, are almost completed. There are some small additional works that will be completed in the near future. And by the end of the year, the connection to the network will be made, in order to be put into operation and to start delivering perhaps the most important “social project” in modern Etoloakarnania. We remind you that the Agrinio Union grouped the individual projects and undertook to the substation, thus enabling producers to join the design and invest in green energy, which would be practically impossible if they attempted it individually, due to network saturation, as has been demonstrated in practice by HEDNO It is not accidental, moreover, the fact that as an example of good practice, the model followed by the Union of Agrinio was adopted by the state, institutionalized and incorporated into the current legal framework and is the model for similar investments throughout the country. This strategic choice was adopted after a great deal of effort and many months of consultation with the relevant ministries. Today, it is the guide for the whole of Greece. We emphasize that the Union of Agrinio, despite having priority in the network, building and conceding its own substation, does not burden even half a kilowatt of the existing electricity network. We note that the total investment is of the order of 90 million euros, in it participate about 500 families of Etoloakarnania and the annual benefit is estimated at about 14 million euros, an amount that will strengthens the local economy annually. Martha Datsinou, head of communication at the Greek office, and the person in charge of Energy and Climate Change of Takis Grigoriou. The executives of GreenPeace had the opportunity to be informed in detail both for the specific project and for the other actions of AS UNION AGRINIOU, to get acquainted with the Energy Communities, to be informed in detail about the wind projects. The purpose of the visit was to spread the practice of the Energy Communities, so that the transition concerns as many citizens as possible and to achieve “energy democracy” in the country, just as the Union of Agrinio has done, which is the model nationwide. Prior to the visit to the Valley of the Sun, Mr. Grigoriou was in the studio of the radio station Antenna Star Radio FM 103.5, where he gave an interview, answering a series of questions by Fotis Berikos about climate change and energy transition. Grigoriou focused on the Energy Communities and the Socially Fair Energy Transition, not failing to point out the importance of RES projects. to reduce the effects of climate change, but also to the contribution that projects can make to the eradication of energy poverty through the “Energy Democracy”, ie the participation of society itself, and especially the poorest strata, in them. model “and” example that comes from the future “the Agrinio Union and what it has achieved so far, noting that it is in Agrinio just to take this good example and transfer it to the rest of the country, The energy transition will take place anyway, what matters, however, is when and especially how, that is, whether society will become a participant or whether it will remain a passive recipient. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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