The issue of religions and the coronavirus

The situation could not have been better, for the day before yesterday’s meeting of the Archbishop with the Prime Minister, in Maximou. They both said the same, self-evident things, that is, it is the responsibility of all of us to observe the sanitary measures, so that Christmas is celebrated normally with the temples (either the sanctuaries or the trade) open, etc. The message of the “heartfelt sent by the meeting of the two powers, secular and heavenly, was addressed, first, to the ecclesiastical hierarchy itself, I think. This was necessary because until recently its members were clearly indifferent to the risk of infection, probably based on divine protection. We saw it recently at the “all-stars” meeting of the metropolitans in Thessaloniki, on the day of Agios Dimitrios. Since then, two of the participants fell ill, one of whom, Metropolitan Langadas, died yesterday. We also learn that the infamous Ambrosios, the former of Aigialeia and Kalavrita, who shares aphorisms and curses left and right, was also diagnosed as positive for the virus, but refused to be hospitalized. . I wonder, then, to put it elegantly, whether it would be prudent, for precautionary reasons, for the members of the ecclesiastical hierarchy to settle from now on in rooms of the “Metropolitan” hospital, whose name also emits the appropriate symbolism. I say this with all due respect to the patients and, of course, with the awareness that I am entering the operation of a private company ρησης Secondly, the message of the meeting I have the impression that it was addressed to the leadership of the second largest religion in Greece, after the Constitution “prevailed”, ie on the Left, which this year refuses to adapt the Polytechnic ritual to the pandemic and insists on the march, which is for the Left what the Great Panathenaic for the Athenians of the 5th century. In Article 13, on religious freedom, our Constitution stipulates that “every known religion is free and its worship is unimpeded under the protection of the law.” It provides, however, that “the practice of worship is not permitted to offend public order or good morals.” How much more, I wonder, without being legal, when the practice of worship endangers public health and the highest good of life! In the final analysis, the “dominant” agreed to keep its temples closed. The only exception was for funerals, which are attended by only nine people. So why exclude the Left from the responsibility that even the priests take on? It is certainly rare to see the terms of the problem reversed in such an absolute way: the Church – by force at least – gives priority to science, while the Left proposes faith and ignores science… The above statement is obviously excluded by President Varoufakis (who begs to be arrested and beaten…), as the motive for his disobedience is not religious faith, but the search for publicity . Let him be allowed to parade, since he wants it so much. It will be only nine of their parliamentary group, he says. So many are allowed at funerals. It will not be much different from a funeral, after all ΄ Version β΄Μou is told by a reputable syrizologist and I listen to it carefully. Polakis’ autopsy in “Sotiria”, with the ostentatious removal of the mask (which means: I am writing to you, you know where) was a move by Polakis deliberately aggressive towards his party as well. Because, due to the circumstances, only 50 people were present in the parliament, of which 14 belonged to SYRIZA. Polakis was excluded from the composition of this team. That is, they themselves tried to hide him. And he paid them, stealing the show στε Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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