The incredible story of the football player – refugee that Panionios took

Panionios proceeded with a transfer with symbolic significance. The “blue and reds” were joined by the 22-year-old midfielder from Guinea, Alia Kamara. PANIONIOS G.S. SMYRNIS announces the acquisition of 22-year-old midfielder Alia Kamara, originally from Guinea. Alia Kamara is not a common case of acquiring a footballer, for this reason and this announcement will not have the same form as all the others. who at the age of 17 was deceived by clever people who promised him a transfer and was found from his homeland in Turkey and left him in…. cold of the bath without a passport and money. Alia was then forced to get into a boat endangering his life and from the neighboring country to be found in the structure of Moria. Risking everything to fulfill his dream, to play football. In our country and during his presence in Greece he had the blessing to meet Mrs. Maria and Mr. Dimitris who heard his story and decided to help him in everything. And they did it. It is no coincidence that in an interview in the past, he described them as his parents. we can only be proud to have Alia in our ranks. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news

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