The “holy war” of East – West

The unprecedented Turkish aggression has been reduced to a European issue, as this time the Turkish provocation is not limited only to Greece and Cyprus but also puts strong France at stake. The apathetic and submissive Europe finally seems to be slowly rising to the occasion, with France claiming a political and cultural leadership role, in contrast to the policy of appeasement of the rather pro-Turkish Germany. Political decisions based on the purely economic criteria of industrialized Germany can practically not give prestige and power to a single Western European culture without the cultural and ideological basis that liberal ideological France can provide. What remains to be done in the near future is to make practical decisions that will defend the European interests and values ​​of Western culture in an forthcoming European Council, putting a brake on any expectations and dreams of the neo-sultan. western claims and tries to prove its theoretical superiority. Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. The perpetual clash of civilizations is directly related to power and domination. Thus the controversy over “who will be ruled by whom” or rather who will be imposed on whom is perpetuated. Intense Muslim anti-Westernism is reinforced by Islamic terrorism and the belief in the superiority of Islamic culture. The problem of Islam will always be the West, a radically different culture with global power and displacement. The holy war between East and West is back in the spotlight. Doctor of Philosophy of the Aristotle University

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