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This time there was a difference: the announcement of EPEKE Education SYRIZA about “the misery committed by a group of self-appointed” punishments “, against the rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business”. At first reading, the party unites its voice with the once “front of reason” – this arrogant troll bullet – in an inverted relapse. From Polakis and Ragousis, with Bourantonis and Chrysochoidis. And in the background the political Center, which obviously turned its eyes away from the images of the Cultural Revolution and the Guards of ASOEE. The official opposition seemed willing to sacrifice the “children of space” for fear of the centrists. But what announcement would that be if it did not include the closest relativism? “Youth is intensifying its struggles against government policy that violates its educational and labor rights.” How would it end if the metaphysical advantage of youth was not invoked? “Young men and women in our country do not resort to bullying and expulsion of persons and members of the academic community to achieve their goals.” The past is another country, but this does not allow the automatic erasure of the “mountza” in student parades. Not even the paternalism shown by SYRIZA after the revelation of the explosives in ASOEE last November. At that time, delinquency and “activist anti-systemism” did not lead to a corresponding condemnation. Giannis Ragousis wondered in Parliament if the Prime Minister “seeks (sic) a new Grigoropoulos”. And the deputy Spyros Lappas, a few days earlier, “what crime is committed by the one who carries a Molotov cocktail in his backpack?”. The party saw the Molotov cocktails in the basements, turned its gaze elsewhere and remembered the… EPE: “Six days before the anniversary of the Polytechnic, the MAT and the repression forces invade the university… Normality is attacking, Democracy is threatened” wrote in a post of SYRIZA Youth. Opposition speech created ghosts to fight them. Their memory survives the day before yesterday’s announcement: “These are actions that fit the imitations of violence and police practices of the ’60s.” It is the timeless rhetoric of the radical Left, which needs the existence of the social Evil, which it leaves unchanged. This image is not denied even by those who defend – as if writing a report of ideas – youth and “our children”. In the prehistory of the Syriza regiments, one must also take into account the Paraskevopoulos committee that would cut the heavy bond within the university campus and would launch the legendary dialogue with all the parties involved. »Of SYRIZA. There is violence in the university, because there is violence everywhere in the world, said the resume in free speech. The committee even called on teachers to be sensitive to the “development of interdisciplinary teaching subjects, such as violence and drug use.” Former Minister of Education Costas Gavroglou also blamed the youth themselves for the lack of a “student patrol” that would control the incidents of trafficking and prostitution: “In universities these issues are solved from within, if there is a robust student movement “dealing with police means is the solution.” Unfortunately, the “student patrol” was caught by the “anarcho-camora”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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