The films of the week – Exorcising the ghost of Nazism

Rating: 5: excellent4: very good3: good2: interesting1: mediocre0: unacceptable —————————————— “Das Fas Collini” (Germany, 2019), The best that has to offer the new film week, based on a true story that took place in Germany at the beginning of the new millennium. An Italian, Fabrizio Colini (Franco Nero), is facing German justice for the cold-blooded murder of a wealthy German industrialist, Hans Meyer (Manfred Zapatka). There was no doubt that the elderly Colini killed the even older Meyer, known for his compassion, but what concerns Lainen (Elias Em Barek), the inexperienced but active lawyer of Turkish origin, is the motive. will become the key person in the plot of the film for one more reason: he had been the victim himself protected by a child (in fact he became a lawyer thanks to Meyer) and is still friendly with his daughter (Alexandra Maria Lara). all this cynicism directed by Marco Kreuzpidner slowly and methodically, is obviously buried in the past. Another film that clearly proves that Germany has not yet exorcised the “ghost” of World War II, the unacknowledged atrocities of the Nazis, with millions of victims of their crimes for which many were acquitted in fraudulent ways. The issue remains alive. (It is also very relevant with the rise of the neo-Nazis) and most likely this will happen for many more years. Kreuzpinder handles the then and the now with balance (as much as) and the film has nothing to envy from a typical, “catchy” court drama a la Hollywood. We would not call it a terrible movie, but it “sucks” easily and it is arias in all areas with wonderful photography and tight editing. Extraordinary and all interpretations, even in the second roles, such as that of the university law professor (Heiner Lauterbach) who represents the victim’s family, while in fact he had to represent himself. Score: 3ATHENS: ASTOR – ASTOR MOVIE – ALEXANDRA PATISIA – AIGLI CHALANDRI – CINERAMA – PARADISOS KORYDALLOS – RENA VLACHOPOULOU et al. 2019) Arian Ascarid was awarded at the Venice Film Festival for her role in “Hope of the World” Deep bitterness, a lasting sense of melancholy but ultimately a mood of optimism leaves behind the latest creation of the left-wing intellectual Robert Gedingian in our country, (mainly) from the small masterpiece “The snows of Kilimanjaro”. The lost vision of the left, the apathy of the authorities, the lack of camaraderie or even of the simple, elementary humanity in the world of absolute individualism, are again issues that the director touches with attention and fully consciously. He takes us once again to working-class areas of his beloved Marseille, telling a story of everyday, ordinary people. They are people who fight stubbornly against all the adversities of life, who refuse to lay down their arms, who could sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The center of gravity of the story is a cleaner (Arian Ascarid) and the lever of the plot a former prisoner for murder Gerard Maylan) who is trying to find his “footprints” – something very difficult. All the characters in the film – in which that of Jean-Pierre Darussen, also a permanent collaborator of the director like the two mentioned above – are hurt, frustrated, tired but always human. Realism and poetry, existential quest and a deep belief in the omnipotence of the close-knit family make a delicious cinematic cocktail, a film of rare sensitivity in our times, a film that concerns us all. Ascarid, the director’s companion, won the Copa Volpi Award for this performance at last year’s Venice Film Festival. Score: 3 —————————————— “The miracle of the unknown Saint” (“Le miracle du Saint Inconnu “, Morocco / France / Qatar, 2019) Scene from the movie” The miracle of the unknown Saint “where the Moroccan desert plays a key role. Not exactly cute, but not exactly unpleasant, the film of Ala-Eldi- Alzheimer’s belongs to the category of those who challenge you to raise an eyebrow with curiosity while watching them. Of course, when the project is over at some point, you feel that you are slowly leaving it behind. Exercising style mainly, the film deals with a “police type” story, which is more the pretext for creating a gallery of curious people who decorate the film, like the balls that decorate a Christmas tree. There has been a robbery. The robber hides the loot somewhere in the desert and after his release, he goes to get them. And he finds a temple built in the same place. All this is done in less than the first 10 minutes, which indicates that the director knows what time saving will mean. At the same time, he “has” the plan. The vast African desert where the story is set is the board on which he “paints” a handful of people, giving them an isometric film time through funny situations that, of course, “fill” the duration of the film. A hotelier, a barber, two farmers, some elderly villagers, another thug and some other guys are involved in this bizarre game that resembles something of a movie alloy of brothers Cohen by Aki Kaurismaki and Elia Suleiman directed by Abbasi played by Younes Boab, Salah Ben Saleh, Busayb Semak, etc.) Score: 2 1 / 2ATHENS: ASTY – DANAOS ———————————– “Come play”, USA, 2020) Having in the foreground a dumb little boy (Azi Robinson) whose look is very reminiscent of that of Danny Lloyd in the classic thriller “The Shine” by Stanley Kubrick and with a story of intense metaphysical dimensions and horror, the thriller will not I was saying that it is the most original we have seen in its kind. However, it is obvious that the director Jacob Chase did not aim at the “forced” pumping of bloody horror scenes in order to make the viewer bounce in his seat. Denying the ease of clichés, Chase (who made a feature film of a short one he shot himself) pays attention to the atmosphere that emerges through the bizarre relationship between this lonely child and his environment (parents, teachers, other children) to which is added a monster named Larry. But the fact that Larry has emerged from the… mobile (of the child (through a function of which we listen to his thoughts) is in itself not only a creepy finding, but also a closing of the director for one of the curses of our times! Rating: 2ATHENS: ALL VILLAGE – LAMPROS KONSTANTARAS – ODEON GLYFADA – ODEON ILION etc. THESSALONIKI: CINEMA ONE – ODEON SQUARE etc.——————————————– The children’s film “Like the dog with the cat 3” (“Cats and dogs 3”, USA, 2020) by Aziz Gidani, continuation of n.2 which was a continuation of N. 1. 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