The facts, Mr Prime Minister, the facts…

At an unsuspecting time, in the early 1960s, some journalists asked then-British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan if he was afraid of anything, and he replied bluntly, “But the facts, my dear ones, the facts.” The phrase is historical and comes every A year ago, no one could have grasped the intensity and depth of the pandemic wave, nor, of course, imagined how catalytically it would affect people’s lives. Here, especially at such a time last year, the rulers were still living the joys of great victory and were planning to take advantage of the extraordinary political conditions for them, in order to change the economy and the country according to their beliefs. reforms and major changes. However, Plasi had other plans. Suddenly, from the beginning of 2020, the threat of the coronavirus arose, which drastically changed everything. Everything has been dancing to the rhythm of the pandemic ever since. Such is the intensity of the phenomenon and its effects so dynamically that they do not allow disorientations. Even the serious national issues that have arisen in the past have not been able to overcome the very serious and far-reaching consequences of the health crisis. In the manifestation of the first wave last spring, the Mitsotakis government reacted correctly and in a timely manner. He correctly assessed the risk, revised goals and aspirations and put all the money into repelling the invisible enemy. That first operation brought results, the disease was controlled and the rulers “swelled” with enthusiasm and pride. However, the government gradually fell victim to that of its first success. From the end of May, the pressures for a rapid opening of the economy and tourism, in order to quickly compensate for the losses of the first quarantine, were intense. The truth is that the government gave in pressures and together he considered that he could match the mismatches, so as to reduce the financial damage and control the pandemic. The opening was quick, the summer light helped in the first phase, the cases seemed controlled and most rested. At the end of August, despite signs of the disease spreading, the authorities dwindled, dragged by the prolonged summer and the new demand of its branches. for the smooth continuation of their activities. They thus avoided taking the necessary measures with due speed, leaving the virus free and dynamically growing. Somehow the game was lost in Northern Greece, with the risk that the whole country would be dragged into Bergamo conditions. Unfortunately, in the near future we will see its hard face. pandemic, with all that entails for politics. Commonly, this is not the time for political and other plans. We have at least three or four months of difficult waiting ahead of us until the distribution and distribution of vaccines to the citizens. Until then, the events will be harsh and completely disorganizing. That is why there are no suspensions or oscillations. There is one way, that of taming the virus. Everything else follows. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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