The end of the comedy Technologybud

The way in which Alexis Tsipras came out with a haircut, believing that he was going for a haircut, should be a seminar teaching. But in what kind of school? No one pays any school to teach blunders, own goals, defeat rituals – not even in the cinema where, I have the impression, slang comedies have not been made in the last decades, not even coarse pranks, and the only one who tries, Borat, is faced with I say all this to say that, because the sense of comedy has been lost and absent from public life, the leadership of SYRIZA may remain in place for a while longer, faced with political inadequacy. The truth is that, sometimes, seeing the political moves of the official non-governmental party is like seeing the crew of a UFO threatening a world that has not understood the operation with grenades. of. What is happening is spectacular chatter without any effect. UFOs do not affect anything and people pass them by indifferently, since they can not influence the developments. But why did they press SYRIZA like that? Quite simply, because they gained power in extraordinary circumstances, they got drunk on it by exercising it without principles, first on the razor’s edge and then ignoring the institutional compensations in their arbitrariness (justice, press, etc.), which they believed were not substantial obstacle. And when the state of emergency subsided, allowing the citizens a thoughtful reflection and revision of their frivolous political choice, the official opposition continued to govern as it had promised paradise. How; Simply: with a law and an article. (Yes, Tsipras repeated the promise of the bankruptcy code, with the categoricalness with which he would tear up the Memoranda – the only difference is that then he promised paradise while now the purgatory). he had a hard time crushing her. Either referring to Lafazanis or the minutes of the Parliament, or archives and newspaper articles, the Prime Minister said in simple words that the electronic auctions were decided on the ministry of Euclid Tsakalotou, with the agreement of the banks. Referring to the issues of the country’s foreign policy, he had the opportunity to describe the SYRIZA government period as a period of weakening national power. He responded to the opposition’s accusations that the government was holding a nationalist stance, citing SYRIZA’s governmental relationship with Panos Kammenos’ ANEL. He reversed the accusations of a problematic response to the pandemic, referring to numbers and comparing Greece with other European countries. Kyriakos Mitsotakis described Tsipras with a phrase of Aristophanes to the demagogue Kleonas: “Just as it happens – and you know it – with eel fishermen, they catch nothing when the lake is quiet. But if they dig up the mud and do it all upside down, then they get caught. That’s how you learned to win. Only if you disturb the city “. But now the city has learned to distinguish both troublemakers and aliens. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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