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I do not think I am revealing a shocking secret if I tell you that the big multi-party parties (in our case, the following two: New Democracy and SYRIZA) are or have to be multilingual in order to remain multi-party: they have to know farce, no not only the languages ​​of the population groups they represent or aspire to represent, but also the dialects of each language separately or the idioms of each guild and each faction. This is not a modern patent, nor does it constitute Greek eccentricity; it has existed all over the world since the existence of parties. When the large multi-party party is in opposition, its multilingualism is perceived – apart from being necessary to avoid leaking votes – from cute to exotic: a picturesque couleur locale that magnetizes some, without repelling others. The example of SYRIZA – before coming to power – remained proverbial. Its famous components served as the shelves of a department store, where you could literally find (or – even better – imagine that you could find) almost everything: suggestions for workers ‘and soldiers’ councils, fossils from the Spanish Civil War or the Krostand uprising which – what a historical irony! – ρό Trotsky suffocated, to outcast center-leftists – especially from the old PASOK, the real, the lewd – who were desperately looking for a new party roof, now psychologically ready to act as janissaries, more royal than the king, and in red to be the king The party Babel of SYRIZA over time crystallized into two diametrically opposed intra-party camps, whose coexistence was made viable only by the expectation of the – osonoupo – seizure of power: to the realists and to the etherealists. As I have rewritten, as a member of the realist parliamentary group at the time (a group that also enjoyed the favor of the close leadership), I firmly believed that as soon as SYRIZA took a seat in the government, the realists would prevail, not only because I wanted to win. our team, but also because I knew that over time the “rendezvous with reality” is always frustrating and disastrous for the ethereal ones: the latter dissolve and evaporate, like dreams when we wake up. I was wrong. Neither the realists nor the etherealists prevailed. A third bizarre category prevailed, the opportunists, a hybrid of realists who speak fluently… etherobamonics but act as the most cynical and ruthless pragmatists. This ideological turmoil, in addition to leading the country to the brink of bipolar disorder and international disrepute, also highlighted the hitherto latent dimension of intra-party multilingualism: when you take on government responsibilities, any form of multilingualism quickly ends in a form of bilingualism or not with the literal, but with the honorary meaning of the second: aspiring to speak all languages, you ultimately succeed in expressing everything and their opposites, that is: nothing. At the end of the day, the confidence of the electorate towards you reaches the nadir. In July 2019, New Democracy did not only take the baton of power from SYRIZA; it also took the baton of bilingualism. It goes without saying that it was a bilingualism with a different content from the bilingualism of SYRIZA – from the moment it was addressing and trying to satisfy a different electoral target group – but it was just as compelling as a party priority, with its multifaceted character (hence the antinomies or pathogens of this character) equally obvious. The New Democracy, a center-right party with a liberal president and a conservative base, would strive to leave everyone happy and achieve a delicious omelette without breaking eggs. In order to achieve such a feat in Heraklion, it would apply the first and inviolable principle of government bilingualism: it would give the favorable ears of the conservative base to the jurisdiction of its deputies, especially those who, as newly elected, were not known for their restraint (the “orphans” of the Golden Dawn, in their own eyes, opened a new, very promising, vote market), while at the same time promoting to the offices politicians of central or even center-left origin, without having previously passed them During the period of grace – say roughly the first seven months, until February 2020 – the delicate bilingualism of the New Democracy seemed to bear fruit. In any case, neither the gap between the conservatives and the liberals was as big and bridging as the gap between the Syriza components (there, let us not forget, the discontent and the extreme right-wing musafirs of ANEL intensified), nor the stakes so decisive those of the previous four years: the train had hit the rails and no government MP, no matter how baby-friendly, would risk derailing it. The opposition – both non-partisan and internal – was limited to mere whining, an annoying murmur, just to remind us that we have a parliamentary democracy. Then came the pandemic. Proud of its own origins – from the depths of time, before the recording of history began, before the human race even existed – the pandemic did not come to negotiate with us. He did not come to find us; he came to kill us. In fact, he came to live in our bodies – to use us as hosts, as biologists say – for as long as he can and then throw us like melon peels. The pandemic is not interested in hearing our views, no matter how rational, disturbed or and completely stupid even if they are. How much does she care if we believe that she serves the interests of the underprivileged through global impoverishment, that she wants to destroy our Orthodoxy – and all other religious denominations, apparently for the sake of it – or to bury our labor rights, our overnight free information. The pandemic is enjoying a strong meal, whether it is a military parade or a divine communion or a procession to the Polytechnic. The pandemic is lurking in the military, the religious and the anti-authoritarians alike. In any case – here I put my hand in the fire – the last thing she cares about is whether SYRIZA or New Democracy will prevail in the next national elections. That’s why I tell you, guys: bilingualism is on the rise. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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