The “eating” of scientists – politicians and the mistakes that were made

The setting is fine. A press conference in this way, with Tsiodras next to the prime minister and the journalists from their offices asking questions, for the first time in history. A Maximos Palace that looked like a war business center. Besides, K. Mitsotakis and S. Tsiodras talked about war and the biggest health crisis of the last 100 years. , but tens and hundreds of citizens will get sick and some will die. Afterwards, many can criticize. For the measures that were not taken, for those that were not implemented in time, for a patchwork of views that did harm in the fight against After Christ there will always be prophets, especially in politics where the doctrine “your death is my life” prevails. However, in the face of this new reality we can not fail to refer to a very important aspect of this whole battle from in the spring and after. Some will question what I write, but it always is. As you can not sanctify anyone, as you can not criticize him in general, so you can not tell the truth. Especially when many are at stake, especially human lives, the “health” of hospitals, the resilience of the NSS, doctors and nurses and the truth is that in Greece in the midst of a pandemic appeared the “disease” of eating. As much as some deny it, for many weeks, especially after the end of the first quarantine, scientists and politicians had engaged in a struggle for supremacy of their views. I’m talking about some politicians who at the beginning of the summer, wrote in their old shoes the suggestions for controlled tourist traffic. And we saw the results with the incoming cases. The suggestions and the appeals I’m talking about the suggestions made by specific, many serious doctors, to take tougher measures in the summer, but no one wanted to “shake” the tourist nirvana and the baths of the people. I’m talking about suggestions that were made for universal use of the mask for weeks, but no one dared to make the decision because he thought he would have I am talking about the proposals that were made to further strengthen the Health System, and especially the ICUs, but which were eventually implemented with the result that now we can say that the situation is at a critical point. Who can deny the fact that scientists evil is coming, harsh measures were suggested, but some people blocked these suggestions? Who can deny that there were Homeric quarrels between the two sides? That many times pressures prevailed from local bodies or from branches so as not to close that city, the poor branch or to close after spending two or three days where the occupancy was 80% and 90%. Unfortunately, many times the government was consumed in trench battles. It sometimes put them in the squares, sometimes in the kiosks that sold alcohol, sometimes with the kids who “do not listen” and when with the elderly who have returned from their homes. And unfortunately, all the answers that have been given are political evasions (and by the current Prime Minister a) on a number of issues such as: Why, while there was a long time, the hospitals were not supported enough? Why were not thousands of recruitments made that would support the ICUs? the state to persuade or block the crowded squares, the crowded bars and a chaos that caused a health bomb every day. There are many questions, especially for the second phase of the pandemic, but it is also the time of battle. Then everyone will have to answer and take their share of the responsibilities. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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