The disorder of Emanuel Macron

The most heartbreaking joke of recent days has been Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s questioning of Emanuel Macron’s mental health. Beware, the anecdote is one-way – otherwise, it does not make you laugh: Erdogan doubts Macron’s brakes, not Macron’s about Erdogan. In fact. The wannabe sultan of Turkey – now a psychotherapist – has suggested that the French president has a psychological problem with Muslims. Not with Christians, Jews or Brahmins; exclusively with Muslims. It is indeed very disturbing to know that the elected leader of Europe’s most secular state falls with convulsions at the sight of a single Muslim passerby. This is what the president of the neighboring country thinks and we must respect his point of view, because he is not an accidental psychotherapist. He is an armed psychotherapist, the chief of staff of psychotherapists everywhere, with the right to life and death for thousands of his patients. Can we laugh at Erdogan’s opinion – good luck to us! – but millions of his compatriots (and not only) do not share with us the same sense of ridicule. At least we assume something like this from the boycott of French products in most Islamic countries – Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. “If France does not like Muslims, let it know that Muslims do not like France either.” This is, in general, the message that the Islamic world has been sending almost sympathetically since Macron was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Charlie Hebdo ». Direct blood tax for the sketches was paid in January 2015 with twelve carcasses – those who worked at the magazine that day or had the unfortunate inspiration to walk around – and indirectly paid their lives many times over in the following years, either because they walked or in Barcelona and did not pay attention to the cars that prefer to cross the sidewalks, or because they had the brilliant idea, from all the concert venues in Paris, to choose “Bataclan”. The glass overflowed a few days ago, when a carefree French teacher lost his head while walking. It was then that Emanuel Macron showed the first worrying symptoms. According to strictly unconfirmed information, people close to the president heard him talk. At first they did not pay much attention, as they considered it to be a severe but transient “crisis of greatness” – a typical symptom of the Jewish Syndrome, a messianic / narcissistic delusion from which many public figures are occasionally tormented; the former British Foreign Secretary Owen, a neurologist himself, mentions some typical cases in his revealing book “Sick Leaders in Power” (Kastaniotis Publications, 2009). However, Macron’s delusion did not seem to subside over time. The French president’s indiscreet listeners isolated some fragments of proposals that persistently returned to his delusion, as a refrain of a sick chant: the “secular state”, the “religious” “Tolerance”, “intolerance”, “the blood of the innocent”… In anticipation of the decision to admit Macron to a psychiatric clinic, the French president decided to display the expensive cartoons of “Charlie Hebdo” on all government buildings. This is how the secular rule of law – the disturbed one allegedly said – responds to the religious darkness of blind violence: with light and humor. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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