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Is it good now that Erdogan curses Emanuel Macron and he reciprocates evenly and without spins? I sat down and thought about it. Why be bad, first of all, let’s start with that. I did not find, the truth is, nothing mepton. If Erdogan makes another enemy a little beyond our parts, it will logically work disorientingly in relation to ours – he is dealing with Macron, he does not find time to deal with Greece. Is that therefore good? I’m not sure. To be precise, I’m not at all sure. Because the guy, that is, Erdogan, may want to try the French reflexes by attacking or creating a hot episode in the Aegean. To see if the French will rush to our side or not. Machiavellian perhaps, but it is a working affair. Important and therefore good to have in mind. Because “dead time” is important to us. The abduction of a small island or a rocky islet could potentially turn into a similar case in Cyprus: for 40 and 50 years we will run after the Turks, until they return to Greece. “Dead time” is the problem. Not the fanfares that President Erdogan utters every now and then… Movement – matUnder this prism, I would like to highlight a proposal made by Panos Panagiotopoulos, a period of Minister of Defense in the governments of Costas Karamanlis. What did Panos say and, in my opinion, the government should evaluate it, because I consider it a serious and usable proposal? To give up the Navy base in Leros, France, so that a force of the French Navy can charter there! If it does happen in the end, I estimate that such a thing would be a move – a check both for us and for everything. , as far as the French are concerned, and would have created a very critical area in which Turkey is currently playing a game. I also point out, because many may not be aware, that Leros had been an impregnable fortress of World War II. Italians and that after the capitulation of Italy, bloody battles were fought for many days between the Germans and the allied forces for the occupation of the island. The port in Lakki, where the base of the Greek Navy is, is the second largest natural port in the Mediterranean. I return, because I was carried away by travel impressions: Panagiotopoulos’s proposal is something new and should be seriously considered… Prophet The other that What matters is why Macron is actually doing Erdogan a favor – helping him serve the crazy ideas in his head. On the occasion of the beheading of the French teacher by his 18-year-old Chechen student (another strange story in Europe of closed borders: a Chechen from an area in the devil mother, we say, travels between a dozen countries, with closed borders I repeat , arrives in France, settles in Paris, goes to school and at the same time has established relations with the Islamic State), makes the mistake (Macron) to provoke the Muslim community. Who is the first to react from all the leaders of the Muslim countries of the world? The Prince of Saudi Arabia? The King of Brunei? The President of Indonesia? The Emir of Qatar? No, none of them. Erdogan. And somehow they burn the flags of France and the photos of Macron, in the Muslim world, and they sing hymns to Erdogan… Prophet will be promoted in the end, remember me… (I am also not surprised by the fact that yesterday Erdogan called the Muslim world in a boycott of French products! Because, in my opinion, Macron encourages fascist attacks on Muslims – that is, where they owed us, they took our ox. Perfect…) Political impasse I was thinking yesterday what was left of the three debate in Parliament on the motion of censure against Christos Staikouras (Staikouras, guys!), Minister of Finance, submitted by SYRIZA and warmly supported by President Alexis and his associates. I searched, I searched, I searched, I asked a couple – nothing. We have nothing left. We just understood once again the tragic political impasse in which President Alexis finds himself, who has neither reason, nor arguments, nor much more persuasion. Is this good or bad? someone in good faith will ask if there is one among us. You do not say good. It’s bad. The official opposition must be organized to the last word in order to be able to control and accuse the government with credibility and seriousness. An opposition of the plate, as SYRIZA has been doing for 16 months now, creates the conditions for the government to change into an uncontrollable organization, which will operate as it sees fit and according to its own demands. That is why I will repeat it for once again: Alexis Tsipras has a heavy mission to carry out, very important. And as long as he is consumed in foolish moves, such as last week’s motion of censure against Staikoura, in essence he only succeeds in perpetuating his own internal party problems and on the other hand giving the government the opportunity to appear omnipotent. Whatever that means for the future… (Serious opposition means hard work and organization. And I do not see them ready there in Koumoundourou. They are still dealing with how and why they lost the elections 16 months ago. But that way no work is done , children…) Phenomenon or trend? The “very heavy and not” Polakis continues to attack Technologybud, the leading news site in the country, on the occasion of the fact that analyzing his movements, last week, my colleague diagnosed that Behind his Facebook attack against Stournaras (“poor and miserable chief banker, next time it will be different”) was the fact that his trial was imminent in the Athens Three-Member Criminal Court for the illegal recording of Stournaras. This is the trial that I informed you about in detail yesterday – where this bully did not appear in court, because his lawyer was suffering from pneumonia, as he had been diagnosed… doctor of Volos (doctor of Volos for lawyer of Athens, nice!) !! In the minorities, he insults my colleagues, threatens, slanders, intimidates. Polakis. Is Tsipras satisfied with that? Does he agree? Does he applaud? Does this behavior express him anyway? 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