The “curse” of the… ace’s ace at Panathinaikos

The truth is that it is difficult to find a high level point guard, who is at the same time good in his organizational and executive duties, but the story with Panathinaikos is proverbial. It is as if they have made a bet, as if they have made a vow, that the “greens” will have an’s ace in their basic five. And that, possibly, haunts them. In any case, it facilitates the work of the opponents. Maybe we need to go back to the time of Dimitris Diamantidis, to look for the last time, when the opponent’s peripheral did not have the luxury to go under the opponent’s screen, in every pick & roll , set by the point guard of the “clover”. Kalathis did almost everything right, except to execute outside the perimeter, so the instruction was to give him the shot, to mark him from a distance of one meter. The task of the opponent’s defense is even easier, now that Sant-Ross is in charge of Panathinaikos. One meter is the shortest distance one can meet the… guard’s staff. The two players are similar in many parts of their game. Good defenders, team players, with Kalathis being a real playmaker and the Cuban on condition. One could – possibly exaggerate – write that Saint-Ross is the θη Basket of the poor. And his statistics are even poorer, as he rarely records good defensive practices, where the former player of AEK and CSKA claims a better score than the former “green” and now “blaugrana” star. This would be indifferent. comparison and report, if Panathinaikos did not seem trapped in this fact. Against (and) CSKA, Vovoras’ team fought, no one can look for it for the result, the degree of desire for victory is very high. Okay, Itoudis had a full arsenal, so he was constantly changing images, fives, he transferred the weight of the game sometimes to the “painted” with twin towers and sometimes to the periphery with three short ones. Vovoras followed as much as he could. Probably, watching the video, he might think that he could hit the tall duo with close out attacks from “4”, in order to get him out of the comfort zone, but the battle was not lost there. When the defense at this level has the luxury of chasing four in a game set and leaving one free by hacking him, the opponent coach’s job becomes easy. Alas, do not assume that we owe anything to Sant-Ross. He must realize that you do not take what the opponent’s defense gives you, because then you play to its rhythm, but it will find it. He can do many great things, but he is not an ace, he can not have the ball in his hands and organize, the Cuban can not set up the pick & roll, because it is very easy for the defense to deal with them. Selvin Mack is exactly that on the contrary, a player who builds his game by scoring, who has the ability to shoot and who is not πό an invention point guard. And his presence will correct a series of misspellings, which are created by the absence of point guards. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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