The Crown: Thatcher’s biographer is furious with the production of the series

Margaret Thatcher biographer has identified some inaccuracies in the new season of “The Crown” series. Margaret Thatcher biographer calls out ‘inaccuracies’ in new season of The Crown— Independent Arts (@IndyArts) November 11, 2020The journalist Charles Moore wrote, with the official permission of the British Prime Minister, the biography, which was published in three volumes from 2013 to 2019. Charles Moore made some remarks about the fourth season of the successful Netflix series, in which Thatcher Moore praised Gillian Anderson’s performance and described it as the only compelling one he has seen so far. But Charles Moore said that the creator of the series, Peter Morgan, freely gave a lot of historical facts. Feeling more pleased regarding the suggestion I resemble Olivia Colman after reading in @nytimes that Thatcher biographer found her unsuitable for the role of Queen Elizabeth due to her «distinctly left-wing face. » # TheCrown— Alison Byrne Fields (@abfdc) November 17, 2019When the narrative moves to political events, the details become chaotic, he wrote in The Telegraph. What are the inaccuracies he found? “Small examples: then-Treasury Secretary Jeffrey Howie never tried to stop the Falklands War and did not attend the central meeting where it was decided to send the task force, its most important personal secretary, Charles Powell, did not work for At that time, Mark’s son was not lost and was in the desert when the Falklands was invaded. “Queen Elizabeth II” is well known for her lack of interest in #Shakespeare “: Margaret Thatcher’s biographer @CharlesMoore in the Saturday @Telegraph on why the Queen should not be quoting “King Lear” in “The Crown”:— Grace Ioppolo, FSA (@ProfShakespeare) November 8, 2020Σύμφω with Moore and the APE – BPE, the most “incredible” deviation from reality appears near the end of the season, when Thatcher asks the queen to “intervene” to “save her throat” as she begins to “lose “Thatcher would never think of asking her to do it,” the journalist wrote, adding: “Everything suddenly becomes silly.”

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