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Things are said and heard that if they are not clarified, while life seems to be able to continue normally, the walk of all of us becomes even more heavy and asthmatic. Rarely do we realize in everyday life that an extra stress is due to conversations that were uttered thanks to a very specific occasion, without thought and without hesitation, without a rudimentary confrontation in reality both tangible and direct and the other, the imperceptible but familiar for all of us. In fact, the more specific the reason, the more torturous the cloud of conversation that caused it. What exactly do we mean: with the Golden Dawn crimes court verdict, two – three directly involved in the case – not relatives of the victims – said among other things: “Finally, to calm the souls of the dead.” One may be justified in expressing one’s joy or enthusiasm inappropriately, but when what one says is connected with such a terrible affair as the existence and activity of the Nazi formation with something as abstract and intangible as the meaning of the soul, then you are right. to strongly oppose what is said for one main reason. It is not possible to transfer to “hereafter” the resolution of accounts that have been created in “hereafter” with the result that you legitimize anyone who happens to dispute, insult or ridicule the meaning of continuity. If the condemnation of the members of the Golden Dawn had been taken in the light of the “peace of the souls of the dead” charged to it, it would have been as perverse as if it had been taken on the basis of the satisfaction of the living whether or not they had relations with the victims of the eponymous crime. organization. The concept of justice, in order to be effective and above all to prevent its existence from the repetition of similar phenomena, needs to be related to an “order of things” for which the feeling of satisfaction of the dead and the living, without being negligible, is not necessarily primary. With the feeling of satisfaction prevailing, we result in the exact opposite of what is sought, since satisfaction itself is never irrelevant in order to exist, or rather inevitably combined with a purely material force. And the distorted sense of material power creates the conditions for Golden Dawn-like phenomena. The people who were heard to say that they were satisfied with the punishment of the Golden Dawn culprits and their imprisonment before the Court of Appeal’s decision because “they will” calm down the souls of the dead ‚ÄĚseem unconscious to at least admit that if the existence of souls could be questioned, the punishment could have been less severe. We all need to understand that often when arguing for a case – whether it has to do with a rule of law both human and divine – the concept of punishment that primarily constitutes it is never metaphysical. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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