The coronavirus vaccine, stock and ethics

A few days ago, the big pharmaceutical company Pfizer, announced that its coronavirus vaccine has a success rate of 90%. The world community is turning its eyes to the hope that this news raises, in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis that has scared the whole world. Even more interesting for Greece is the fact that the head of Pfizer, Albertos Bourlas, is a Greek from Thessaloniki. Another brilliant Greek mind that excels abroad and that now the whole world hangs on his lips. It is not uncommon for your patriot to lead the effort to “kill” the coronavirus. And we are all proud of that. A day after the announcement of the vaccine, a stock market came to light, according to which the CEO of Pfizer, A. Bourla, earns $ 5.6 million in one day by selling shares. . Burla: A completely legal transaction, planned, as announced by the company and no one can look for it. This is how capitalism works. Some make money, some lose, and Burlas’ profit came from the markets. He did not steal them, nor did anyone lose them, and he found them. But there must also be ethics in decision-making, even if we know that the capitalist system and markets are immoral and dominated by money. When one day after hope born in the whole world becomes such a profitable transaction, then there is a question of moral order. The transaction could be done in a month, in two months, not a day when the stock takes off because the coronavirus vaccine was found, will make crazy sales in the near future. People can not worry, tremble for their lives, wait like the thirsty in the desert water and hear that some, at that very moment, make money. It is the ethics that should to measure in global crises. In adventures that concern the health of us all. We thank the scientists, we thank the entrepreneurs who do a great job in finding the vaccine, but we must also look at the issues of moral order. Because the world financial system can be painless, impersonal and many times inhuman, but do not miss the essence. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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