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The situation in Thessaloniki regarding the coronavirus has gone away, that is clear. The model city in the first wave of the pandemic has become an example to be avoided in the second. And the reasons are many: the excessive relaxation in the summer, the uninterrupted going to Halkidiki until last month, the parties, the fan gatherings, the services that took place in Agios Dimitrios without any precaution, the indifference to the use of a mask, the The tragic situation of public transport. What is going through a deep crisis all over the world, and especially in Thessaloniki, is the “Boutari model”. Cosmopolitanism, human contact, immediacy, spontaneity, backstabbing. The festivities, the sea breams, the dances. And, of course, the open cities. Mr. John’s successor hastened to cancel many of his initiatives – sidewalks, bike paths, tourism promotion services – and to tarnish the character of the city. In a way he was prophetic. What can be done? Imposition of strict measures, of course, as it is too late for discussions. Prevention is lost, it is time for repression. But even repression, in order to be effective, must be accompanied by arguments. Constantly launching threats can have the opposite effect. What is the point of the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment bringing back the issue of the “cutter” in SMS, when both the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Digital Government have clarified that the messages sent by someone to 13033 are not monitored, stored or counted? Doesn’t Nikos Papathanasis understand that such allusions only reinforce the sprayed ones who say that they have put chips in us? day of quarantine, feeding the greedy evening bulletins of the channels and forcing Kyriakos Pierrakakis to make clarifications. Citizens’ discipline is not ensured in such ways. What is required above all by the political leadership is honesty. That is why we loved Sotiris Tsiodras so much. So maybe it made some sense for the “big loser” of the year, the dumb, straight and tender Giannis Boutaris, to address the Thessalonians during these tragic hours. Talk to them as he knows how. To quarrel with them and to animate them, to warn them and to encourage them. And at the end to remind them of that wise saying they have in Naoussa and that he likes to repeat: “On the cheek and the cop”. The proverb, of course, refers to the vine growers and their pruning. But it also serves as a valuable recipe against superficiality, irresponsibility and arrogance. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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