The chronicle of a pre-announced war in Greek universities

But why is it so difficult for Greek universities to change? Countries and countries have done it. Our neighboring Italy, Ireland, Estonia. Where exactly are we stuck? Ariadne’s thread has been caught since governments began to deal with academics for administration, the university has become partisan, and students have entered the game by defining principles. Things quickly got out of hand, the university showed phenomena of impunity, which led to thrashings and vandalism. Damage to buildings and infrastructure, wood and blood. Governments followed one another with promises of change, but to no avail. The serious effort of ’11 was deafeningly erased. Since then, the Greek university has slipped lower and lower. International ratings including. If one honestly reads the recent Shanghai evaluation, accepted worldwide, one will see a downward trend of Greek universities, culminating this year in the list of only six Greek universities instead of seven last year. Out of twenty-seven in total! Tomorrow the prime minister will speak with the rectors of Greek universities. Obviously the discussion will revolve around the recent event and security at universities. A lot of ink has been spilled and many suggestions have been made in the recent past (– xwris – asfaleia – den-yparxei /). It would be wrong to address the issue of security in universities unilaterally. We read that the government is going to pass a new law on higher education. I am very afraid that this law will follow the fate of the rest: it will be canceled along the way.

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