The challenge of the Polytechnic Technologybud

By Giannis Alavanos * Mr. Chrysochoidis in his announcement for November 17 states: “To live in, the ceremonies, the holidays to wait for next year”, “It is an act of justice, equal treatment and consistency in the attitude towards other holidays “To live this year to celebrate the year”. The Minister of Public Order, who considers that the events of November 17 are far away and should be celebrated as customary as the spear on Easter, a few hours later ordered the “festive” of this year’s big celebration: invasion of the Polytechnic, handcuffing of students shouting slogans, bringing them to safety and starting a trial. The entrance of the police was reminiscent of something like the annual burning of the armada in Spetses. The “occupations”, for reasons of protection against the coronavirus, were minimal. The photos from this event, however, are photos of shame. Both these and the decisions, which were a harbinger of the ban on rallies, brought disproportionate memories from other periods. They annulled all the arguments of the Government. Better, more exaggerated invitation to participate in it no organizer would succeed. The Union of Prosecutors and Judges raised an issue that, in addition to its constitutional dimension, is widely discussed worldwide and is related to the effects of the pandemic on labor relations, youth, restriction of liberty. exploiting them by the extreme right. At the same time, it was the most unfortunate and at the same time provocative symbolism for the potential violation of the independence of the Educational Institutions and the role they have acquired since the Enlightenment, as places for creating and circulating ideas. The violation of asylum, regardless of whether it was now legislated, takes place without reason at the Polytechnic and on the eve of November 17. And it is against the position of the NTUA senator to prevent police intervention. The Polytechnic is not a celebration, it is not a ceremony. Let those who undoubtedly see and project ideally not be led in this direction. Let them not raise top quality issues against the dilemma of the very existence of life, let them not put citizens in front of this dilemma. The memory of the Polytechnic is nothing but the living claim of the demands for life, better and freer. In the period of the coronation and the successive recessions, continuous or accordion type, the request for bread, education, freedom, regains meaning in all three its limbs. Here is the challenge of the Polytechnic. Let us defend them with duration and consistency, both on the 17th of November and every day. * T. President of the Technical Chamber of Greece Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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