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In the wake of the economic crisis and the pandemic, young people are still living with their parents and making a living from them. I’m not afraid of that. Sooner or later it will pass. What I tremble at is whether this fatal synchronicity deepens the minority which in any case is endemic to the Greek family. Thirty-five who revolt like a sixteen. I have nothing more bleach than that. This kind of coexistence is difficult, especially when the older one becomes a prison guard out of necessity and the younger one becomes a negligent transmitter of the most insidious virus that can be reaped by even the most innocent squirrels. In this silent war of the generations that is going on, once lived a young man who loved the old and continued to love them until the day before yesterday when he shook his mind with a carbine. I say this briefly because I am sure that in the meantime you have read all the “details” about the self-employed homeowner. Forty years old, a specialist in the psychological care of the elderly, he locked himself with them in the unit he had been in for twenty years, personally controlling the observance of the measures, consoling, protecting, animating, giving all his money for his food tests his parents. What if he put sandbags in the windows and nails in the doors? The virus eventually passed and then he judged and condemned himself. Because he was not perfect or because he was? They used to be called poets, today they are mentally vulnerable. In both cases, everyone shakes their head and leaves the speechless. I will leave too because my space is running out, without, as usual, having time to say what I would like to say, but what does it matter? What is not said, these make us human. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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