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The Commission’s forecasts reflect the heavy price paid by all European economies since the coronavirus. Recession 9% in Greece, 12.4% in Spain, 9.9% in Italy, 9.4% in France, 5.4% in Germany. And all this, for the time being, since these estimates have not calculated the second lockdown in which all the countries, small and large, of the European Union enter one after the other, which means that the economic downturn will be wider and deeper. the next months. As far as our country is concerned, everything predicts that the recession will exceed 10%! The question that arises in a dramatic way now is not whether only this Christmas will be lost, but also the whole of 2021, since the new data weaken the initial expectations for strong growth in 2021, which is supposed to heal the pandemic wounds relatively immediately. Everything is being revised to the worst and the return to normalcy is moving away, as the Eurogroup sent out this week, urging all European governments to stick to their fiscal support policies in 2021 with measures to boost revenue and consumption. However, these policies are sufficient to prevent the great wave of impoverishment of large categories of workers and professionals who have been active in the services until now, which is growing as restrictive measures and quarantines are extended, threatening if it becomes permanent in existence. with intense social unrest, tomorrow and in the distant future? It is clear that the risk of a social division does not come only, not mainly from the “sprayed” of the coronavirus, but from the unemployed, the workers who live on wages or starvation wages and those who were suddenly on the sidelines. As history has taught, these are the weakest victims of populism who raise their heads in such difficult times. This is evident, after all, from the attitude of extreme, populist and other Eurosceptic parties. Without offering an alternative, they are bidding on the reactions of the governments to the pandemic’s restrictive measures, expecting political benefits. nor can they deal with this global health storm on their own. The European Union has taken the first step in deciding to set up a € 750 billion European Recovery Fund, but that is not enough, according to credible economic figures. So far the Fund’s money has not reached the European capitals. There is a delay and a lot of bureaucracy, while there should be vigilance and greater mobilization in the channeling of funds intended for investment. Furthermore, it is not clear that the decisions already taken for the European Fund are sufficient. The unexpectedly aggressive second wave of the pandemic foretells this. The sooner the European response, the better. Why only growth and the new jobs it creates can alleviate the inequalities and injustices created by the crisis. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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