The beasts and SYRIZA

There are several ways to describe the beings (because they are living organisms) who ousted the rector of the University of Economics last Thursday. You can call them scum, sociopaths, vagrants, scum, bastards, night owls and much more. Personally, I prefer to call them animals, because as an animal lover I generally consider the characterization milder. And I am very happy, because, at least in part, Yuklind Tsakalotos agrees with me! “For what happened in ASOEE”, wrote the former Minister of Finance, “there is no excuse. Deportation has nothing to do with struggle, nothing to do with the student movement, nothing to do with defending demands. It is an unacceptable act of acquisition that only aims to undermine human dignity. ” An act of acquisition, then, which means that those who performed it are (or, at least, were during its performance) acquired. Congratulations to Yuklin and I say this with all my heart, because he did not consciously reproduce the emetic photo in his relevant post on social media. His party, on the other hand, is more restrained in condemnation and avoids characterizing the perpetrators. For SYRIZA, the incident is “a violent violation of every notion of human dignity. Interrogation practices are hostile to any notion of democratic claim. “Their self-evident condemnation is a condition for the defense of democratic rights.” But talk about the perpetrators. After all, how do you know? It could be their children. Will the first time be? From the comparison it becomes clear that the condemnation of the incident by Yuklin is at least one “click” more intense than that of his party. The differentiation is another indication, albeit a small one, that the difference between ideologues and presidents in SYRIZA is indeed existential… However, if the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice, it is the duty of the State to respect their rights, which means a collar for Fleas, Chips and Their Vaccines Γ PS: And yet, if the perpetrators of this heinous event wanted to be faithful to the political tradition from which their practice originates, they should have used the Gothic script. But it ‘s too much, I’m afraid, to ask that of animals. Adonis Georgiadis was abducted with Theodora Tzakri. He called her a “liar” (and in fact in the plural: “you are a liar”…), she called him a “fukara”, he replied describing her as “insignificant”. Ordinary all this, I do not think they shock anyone anymore. What was unusual, however, was the attitude of the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA Olga Gerovasilis, who demanded in a letter to the President that Georgiadis apologize to Tzakri to the Ethics Committee. I wonder why. Doesn’t Georgiadis have the right to consider Tzakri insignificant and say so? If we accept the freedom of speech, it has it absolutely, just as Tzakri has the right to consider Georgiadis a bastard (that is, unfortunate – the word comes from the Turkish) and to state it. And then is insignificance so terrible? Most of us in this life are insignificant, only a small minority are those who overcome the barrier of insignificance. The SYRIZA parliamentary representative makes the mistake of identifying the person, Theodora Tzakri, with the institution she represents, that is, the status of the elected representative. Only in totalitarian or authoritarian regimes, such as those admired by Gerovasili, does the institution sanctify the face. In “bourgeois democracy”, as the nostalgics of communist totalitarianism call it disparagingly, people are judged and expression is free. I understand how upset this SYRIZA can be. But let them try to understand that Greece is not China… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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