The actor Christos Zorbas died

The actor Christos Zorbas left his last breath at the age of 82, spreading sadness in the artistic world, and not only. The actor “extinguished” today, Tuesday, and the unpleasant news became known, his wife and daughter through profiles on Facebook. “Christos Zorbas left today, so suddenly, Have a good trip our beloved !!” wrote his wife, also an actress, Kiki Diogou, who threw “black” in her profile. Christos Zorbas left today, so suddenly, Have a good trip our beloved !! Posted by Kiki Diogou on Tuesday, 10 November 2020Posted by Kiki Diogou on Tuesday, 10 November 2020The artistic steps of her father are followed by the daughter of Christos Zorbas, Sonia. His biography The real name of Christos Zorbas was Christos Tzorbatzoglou according to He was born in 1938. Christos Zorbas had over 50 films to his credit, he participated in selected collaborations in Greek cinema while most of his films were awardedFilmographyWhen we dance together (2003) The dolphins of Amvrakikos (1993) (Captain Meletis) (Theodoros) Granita from snow (1986) (Vangelis) John who became John (1986) Strange meeting (1986) The descent of the nine (1985) The reporter (1982) The crazy world of Thanasis (1979) The sun of death ( 1978) Conspiracy in the Mediterranean (1975) The Bases and Vassula (1974) (Memas) Evdokia (1970) (davatzis) The Big Guilty (1970) (Memas Galiatsos) The Jungle of Cities (1970) (Casino Boss) Thanasis Juliet and the Sausages (1970) The Girl of 17 (1969) Storm of a Heart (1969) The Sailor of the Aegean (1968) Open Letter (1968) Byzantine Rhapsody (1968) Wedding Night (1967) Silhouettes (1967) Debris of Dreams us (1967) Groom sucker (1962) (Minas Diamantopoulos) Storm of a heart ( 1969) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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