The 3 PAS stories that explain how the VAR of Consolidation works (vids)

Three games. Three phases. Three stories that explain how the VAR works in Greek football. How the VAR works in a… consolidation regime. PAOK-PAS Giannina 2-1. The game that took place tonight in Toumba. PAS Giannina – AEK 0-1. The match that took place on 25/10 in Zosimades and PAS Giannina – Olympiakos (1-1), which took place in the city of Epirus on October 4. Three matches marked by refereeing mistakes. Significant mistakes, which altered the results and led PAOK and AEK to victories and Olympiakos to a gel. PAS Giannina held the tie in its hands until 90 + 1 ‘. PAOK was with its back to the wall and was looking for the winning goal. Swab executed the foul that the Black and Whites had won, Zolak took the header, the ball reached Kantouri and he sent it back to Houtesiotis’ net for 2-1. A goal, which scandalously counted, since there is a double violation in beginning of the phase. Zolak, on the one hand, is in an offside position when a foul is committed and on the other hand, he commits an offensive foul on Piersman. He “covers” his opponent and throws him to the ground. Despite the violations of the Croatian forward, however, both the referee of the match, Tassos Sidiropoulos and the VARistas, Emmanuel Skoulas, did not cancel the goal. The phase was checked in the VAR for a few seconds and the goal was scored normally (!) reactions of the guests who tried in every way to tell Sidiropoulos that there is a foul! Two violations. Foul and offside, but nothing happened for Skoulas. In the Greece of… consolidation, we live, after all. PAOK got the three-pointer with the blessings of Skoulas and Sidiropoulos and today we just have Sunday. Second story. PAS Giannina – AEK, which ended 0-1 in favor of the Union. The goal that decided the match and gave the victory to the Yellow-Blacks entered with a penalty in the 15th minute. AEK had won a foul, Mandalos filled, Hnid took the lead and Lefteris Houtesiotis in the final of the exit fell on the player of the Union. The phase was practically over and the referee had shown out. The ball had reached βε Preveza, when the VAR called Diamantopoulos and told him that there was a penalty. He saw the phase and showed the white ball, giving AEK the winning goal. It is worth noting that in this game, the VAR needed two more times, with the VARista canceling two goals by PAS Giannina for offside. The VAR saw everything in black and white in that game. Conclusion; Victory of AEK. Defeat for PAS Giannina. Third story. PAS Giannina – Olympiacos. The score is 1-1, with Pedro Martins’ team looking for the winning goal. Fortounis made the cross, El Arabi took the first header and Hassan made it 2-1 for Olympiakos up close. The Egyptian and the rest of the Red and Whites celebrated the goal of… redemption, but Karantonis and Kotsanis had a different opinion. The phase was checked in the video and it took more than four minutes for the VARistas to decide that El Arabi is offside and to cancel the goal of Olympiakos with “so I want”. In a phase that, as can be seen from the replay, the Moroccan is by no means exposed. The clearest phase from the other corresponding ones in the matches of PAS Giannina with PAOK and AEK. A phase in which the VARistas, Kotsanis, watched with AVAR for four minutes to put the line where… served the “consolidation” and to put El Arabi in an offside position. In fact, Mark Clattenberg, explaining the phase in the established videos that he makes every week, unwittingly, proved that the lines in the offsides are entered manually, confirming in the most convincing way what I had complained about PAE Olympiakos. VAR in Greece of… consolidation. Only the game with Olympiakos was scored by PAS. He lost the other two… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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