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“Sixty ships of the Turkish fleet are on alert, while our aircraft are in the air,” said Turkish Defense Minister Akar. To conclude with successive statements in the well-known phrase: that the only solution is for… “spoiled” Greece to enter into a dialogue on all matters: “Everything must be reconsidered (…) Let Greece come to talk, to meet. “With egos, bad behaviors and saying that ‘what I say will always happen’ you can not impose it.” He also said that Turkey would not allow it to be done to its detriment, pointing to France: “Some countries, without seeing their power and boycott, are trying to play roles in the Eastern Mediterranean. They come from thousands of miles away, but they can not set rules for anyone here. We do not give up or give up our rights. “Turkey attacks anyone who does not tolerate its fascism. And it invests in terrorism. After the attacks against the Armenians in France, Macron decided to disband the organization of the Turkish “Gray Wolves” on French soil. An organization that exists with the acceptance and support of Turkey. At the same time, Islamic terrorism, openly and covertly aided by Turkey, had struck again on European soil: after the horrific killings of innocent people in France came the equally heinous massacre in Vienna at a time when all French schools were closed. silence in memory of the murdered professor Samuel Patti. It was after the French president’s harsh response to this crime that Erdogan launched the unprecedented attacks. Turkey is a terrorist country with ships and planes. And it defends murderous terrorists with weapons and swords, as in Paris and Vienna. No spins. Her actions and words show it. Erdogan has said it openly: “Europeans will not be able to walk their streets safely.” Threatens terrorism with a weapon. In fact, as recently revealed by “TA NEA”, Egypt notified Greece about it. And finally everyone realizes it. Even those who do not want to admit it, such as Germany. Until a few weeks ago, he had savagely pushed Greece for dialogue with Ankara. But now he sees that he can not have such demands: the Turks not only doubled the attempts at dialogue and exposed Berlin but, above all, launched the miserable attacks on France and Macron, which the Germans can not ignore. Another Greece, another France, which also stands firmly next to Greece. Nobody responds to terrorists with dialogue. Any form. Much more to shrink national sovereignty. All 60 ships that Akar is waving do not change this basic condition. Nor do they frighten Greece as it would like – after all, after the partial… self-destruction of the Turkish frigate in the summer in the maneuvers against the Greek, they are probably left with 59. The 60 Akar ships, first, are not 60 but much less. Secondly, the Greek fleet is fully capable of dealing with them. And he is not the only one. The real danger for Greece does not come from them, but from the political intimidation that Turkey attempts when it invokes them. If at the critical moment the Greek Armed Forces receive the order to do what they owe and can do, Akar will then have to re-measure his ships. If of course it is still in place. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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