Ten favorite Greek records make us look back

The Recital – Costas Hatzis & Marinella A small explosion of tenderness and the best answer to the question “what can two voices and a guitar do?” “Worth it – Mikis Theodorakis & Odysseas Elytis & Grigoris Bithikotsis” he married poetry to music. The journeys we have made with the Doric interpretations of Bithikotsis are compared to very few. The street songs-Manos LoizosAn album that seems amazing and a little scary up to date with the incomparable melodicity of one of the greatest Greek songwriters who, if he were alive He had certainly given many masterpieces. Rebetiko, the original music from the film by Costas Ferris. And if you have not seen the film, you will fall in love with this album. Xarchakos’ music, perfectly orchestrated, meets Gatsu’s poetry and sets an exceptional result. Let the songs play and enjoy a glass of wine in the memory of the rebetids who changed Greek music forever, as we know it today. All the tapes of Nikolas Asimos A sui generis songwriter, a genuine poet with a lot of madness and anticomor. The prince of the Exarchates was not only one: apart from Pavlos Sidiropoulos, the great Nikolas Asimos wrote his own musical history with tears and drunken inspirations. Hot drinks – Panos and Haris Katsimihas The first and certainly their most favorite album. The classic “A night in the gutter”, the great “Fanis”, the melancholic “Girls of apology”, the poetic “Basement” and the thousand-played “Rita Ritaki” are in there! How long do you have to listen to them? Rusty Lips – Stamatis Kraounakis, Costas Tripolitis, Lina Nikolakopoulou, Vicky Moscholou You will put “How did you leave” on repeat… At the celebration of fantasy-RodesShortly after the emba of the new millennium, a group of children sang hymns about the city, our hopeless teenage loves, fears, social injustice, but also love for hip hop. Arvanitaki’s participation in the album makes him a classic. Pornography – Manos Hadjidakis An album for demanding listeners, an emblematic work of Hadjidakis that seems modern to this day. Full theatricality and orchestrations from another planet. In the century the shack-Thanos Mikroutsikos, Dimitris MitropanosFor a lot of alcohol. For a lot of passion. For a long time, though. Put it on loudly and close your eyes αυτό It will pass too. Where is he going.

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