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Last night I had the opportunity to watch the show of my colleague Vicky Flessa “Sta Akra”, which was about the violence and lawlessness that have prevailed for a long time in the higher educational institutions of our country. It was the first part of the conversation he had the presenter of this show with two eminent university students and former rectors, Christos Kittas of EKPA and Stavros Koumbias of the University of Patras. What was heard during yesterday’s show reveals the impasses of the educational system, the debt The quagmire that the whole of Greek society has been immersed in for decades. .How can we tolerate – in the name of the so-called university asylum – the practice of squatting in universities (and in fact squatting that is almost always combined with extensive looting and destruction) by any member of the educational community, but also by people who do not even belong to it? On what grounds do we de facto entrust the rectors with the management of ignoring the fact that the work of the rector is to reform the curricula, to raise the level of the university, to international collaborations, etc.? Can we finally understand that the occupied, non-functioning university institutions are children of poor families and not the offspring of affluent families; do we consider it permissible to use any form of violence, verbal, psychological or even physical, on university teachers, for whatever reason? Can we understand the essential difference between education, education and knowledge? true education, an issue which was referred to in How can a higher university institution evolve, when excellence as a passion for knowledge is devalued, when any attempt to operate such an institution according to international standards is demonized as a “intensification of studies”? What are the families, what are the schools, what is the social environment of those people who tried to set fire to the National Library in December 2008? What influence did they have and still have on these people on the one hand – the mostly low level – media and on the other hand the inhospitable, repulsive anthropogenic environment in which we are called to live as residents of the capital and major urban centers of our country? World, in

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